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OpenJDK: Repositories overview

Posted by aschunkjava on October 30, 2007 at 2:31 PM PDT

Master and Slave

Reading Kellys Blog it seems like the main target group of developers for OpenJDK is moving from pure Desktop applications to Webservice related applications.

The Mercurial repositories of OpenJDK include jws, jdk, java2d, ti, and some other interesting APIs. However some APIs - mainly extended APIs - are not listed in the Master and Slave repository chart.

I assume these APIs will be included into OpenJDK to a later time or may be added using Modules. Anyway if this is the core of OpenJDK or Java 7 it looks like Java will shrink in its core features and is open for new extension API development. However this is just my personal interpretation.

In this case external APIs from third party developers will have to comply and meet the software development guideliness as imposed by the OpenJDK community charter and legal documents.

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