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TOTD #14: How to generate JRuby-on-Rails Controller on Windows (#9893)

Posted by arungupta on October 16, 2007 at 1:25 PM PDT

The current Rails Gem (version 1.2.5) gives an error when
creating a Controller in a JRuby-on-Rails application on Windows. It gives the
following error during controller creation as shown below:

`realpath_rec': No such file or directory -C:/testbed/ruby/jruby-1.0.1/samples/rails/hello/C:

    from C:/testbed/ruby/jruby-1.0.1/lib/ruby/1.8/pathname.rb:453:in

    from C:/testbed/ruby/jruby-1.0.1/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/rails-1.2.4/lib/initializer.rb:543:in

    from C:/testbed/ruby/jruby-1.0.1/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/rails-1.2.4/lib/initializer.rb:509:in

    from ./script/../config/boot.rb:35:in `new'

    from ./script/../config/boot.rb:35:in `run'

    from ./script/../config/boot.rb:35

    from :1:in `require'

    from :1

and Rails 1.2.4 gives exactly the same error. This is
Ticket #9893. This actually happens because of JRUBY-1401.

The workaround is to use Rails 1.2.3. If you have already
installed the latest Rails plugin, then you can uninstall it using the command:

C:\testbed\ruby\jruby-1.0.1\bin>gem uninstall rails

Successfully uninstalled rails version 1.2.5

Remove executables and scripts for

'rails' in addition to the gem? [Yn] y

Removing rails

And then install Rails 1.2.3 as:

gem install rails --include-dependencies --version 1.2.3 
--no-ri --no-rdoc

Successfully installed rails-1.2.3

Successfully installed activesupport-1.4.2

Successfully installed activerecord-1.15.3

Successfully installed actionpack-1.13.3

Successfully installed actionmailer-1.3.3

Successfully installed actionwebservice-1.2.3

Now create a new application as shown below:

jruby -S rails hello

And then create a controller as:

jruby script\generate controller say hello

exists app/controllers/

exists app/helpers/

create app/views/say

exists test/functional/

create app/controllers/say_controller.rb

create test/functional/say_controller_test.rb

create app/helpers/say_helper.rb

create app/views/say/hello.rhtml

Hope you find it useful and this bug is fixed in the next
version of Rails.

Please leave suggestions on other TOTD that you'd like to see. A complete
archive is available here.


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