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Posted by fthamura on October 19, 2007 at 1:05 AM PDT

Today, our minister of education with 5 general director and our JENI boss, the director for foreign affair, mostly 14 peoples in Paris, for UNESCO meeting.

Several interesting happen, we try to learn from what India did to make 25 millions long distance learning system, which in Indonesia our target is only 1 millions / year, and that number still an hopefully. As we know 47 millions students in Indonesia, only 20millions or more can go to school in elementary, and 480.000 only can go to diploma and university.

I just seeking for the statistics of all of those education program. and the good this in Java market, Java is inside Indonesian program, called JENI. a full stack services from blogger ( to a forum and education business unit across universities and polytechnics in IndonesiaBut we have problem here, in people mentality, and i still learning a methodology to make a valuation of Indonesian people, like MBTI or MTR, those all psychology stuff.

I am working with part of the program, and as voluntary of course, because if we put in budget movement, i believe all the "people" that hunger for the money of the project rather than the movement. You know Indonesia :)

I can see the country, of course if JENI still, and i try to counter if the government project is stacked one day, under, my domain to make JENI not only Indonesian movement but International, Java Education Network International :) I change the name from Indonesia to International.

After see the movement, and the direction of JENI, we can see that future of our Java people is to learn to develop a product, even the tech is not good, but we can deliver product. Remember Framework is also a product, a simple login mechanism also a product.

But in my perspective, esp for the country that can be eliminate in global market, as none exist, I still this is a challenge and a call or a stupid position for me to still stay here. I need to learn a lot from all of the good people that can develop global product, and hope can product a product that can lead the market in our region.

I am glad also can become part of Java Champion and Oracle Fusion User Group (Ace Director Program), so I can see what are you people doing in your place.

Thx to the Internet that connect me to all of you, and hope all JENI students can be connected with you equally one day.

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