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So, no Java 6 with Leopard

Posted by fabriziogiudici on October 27, 2007 at 11:09 AM PDT
Within the 300+ new features of Leopard, two are those I was waiting for: Java 6 and the ZFS file system. Now that none of them is there (ZFS support is read-only), what's next?

I've prepared a pretty long and harsh post, but not it's not the moment for it. I'd like just to point out that Apple, by not releasing Java 6 and by not disclosing any roadmap about it, is failing the promise to deliver the best platform for Java around. Since I switched to Mac OS X also taking into account that promise, it's now high time I review my strategy about the gear I use for my daily work. I'm just waiting for a few days to see whether Apple is going to announce something. Otherwise I'll start thinking that Apple is going to act just like Microsoft ten years ago, when they killed the JDK 1.1 portability in order to favour their own technology.

While waiting for the next week, I'd like to hear from you. What are your feeling? What are you going to do?

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