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The Return of the NetBeansMobile

Posted by timboudreau on October 23, 2007 at 12:15 PM PDT

Like a phoenix from the ashes, perhaps like NetBeans itself, the NetBeans Mobile is once again on the road - I just uploaded my first new photos of the white lines in the middle of the road :-)

I owe a huge thanks to the folks at Jantz Auto in Kenosha, Wisconsin who put a new engine in it over the last month - and were kind enough to notice that the clutch was shot and that they had new-old parts for it, and so threw in a new clutch at no charge. She's running like a champ!

Unfortunately I likely won't be able to do any stops along the way for this part of the trip - I need to make good time, get back to Massachusetts, drop the truck off (probably without time to unload it) and get on a plane for Brazil for a university tour we're doing there. But I haven't forgotten the folks from the Ann Arbor and Albany JUGs - Albany is easy, since I'll be living in Northampton, MA; and we'll figure something out for a visit to Ann Arbor down the road too.

It's sunny and warm and a perfect day for driving, so, back to the road!

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