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Metro @ SiliconValley CodeCamp 2007

Posted by ramapulavarthi on October 31, 2007 at 12:41 AM PDT

I attended the SiliconValley CodeCamp at FootHill College, Los Altos this weekend. This is a free conference by developers for developers in a beautiful location.
Overall, good number of people attended the conference. I liked the conference as it is light weight and free. Another interesting thing is that there were sessions covering topics on .NET, Java and Web 2.0 technologies. My wife is a .NET developer and me being a Java developer, It was good that we both could attend and participate in our areas of interest.

I and Arun presented about Metro in Glassfish at SiliconValey CodeCamp this saturday on Metro. We had some glitches with the projector during our presentation, but the spirit of the audience helped us continue with the presentation and it went well later on. Some of the audience are very familiar with JAX-WS and are trying JAX-WS 2.1.3 as well :).


Here is a photo showing me in action at SiliconValley CodeCamp(Thanks Arun for taking the photo).

The slides are available here . The demos Using EXCEL with WSIT, Web services development using NetBeans IDE and GlassFish and other screencasts are available here.

Here is a photo with the Silicon Valley JUG leaders Aaron Houston , Van Riper, Kevin Nelson chatting about the sessions and JUGs.


Java Posse
had a live recording of their podcast covering the weekly happenings and issues centered on Java. It was nice to watch the four guys expressing their views on various topics and Listening to their podcast is like a quick recap of the news around Java. This week it was mainly on Apple not including Java SE 6 in Mac OS 10.5 Leopard, Mozilla's Prism to run Web Applications outside of browser, the rumor that Java ME is dead, and Google Collection API and others.


Here is a photo of me with Java Posse guys [Tor Norbye (Sun Microsystems), Carl Quinn (Google), Dick Wall (Google) and Joe Nuxoll (Apple)]. I liked the session and seeing them in live with their funny hats on.

I will be waiting for the next SiliconValley CodeCamp.


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