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Desktop/Web convergence: Ist it becoming real?

Posted by aschunkjava on November 5, 2007 at 2:53 AM PST

Wesktop: Desktop and Web applications

In his latest Blog David Herron is thinking aloud on the convergence of Web and Desktop applications and citing some existing example of these and resuming the main disadvantages of the current state-of-the-art Web access.

Hiding the Browser from Applications

In fact David is suggesting to reduce the Browser as a means of accessing content to a means of accessing only the web itself. This would result in that the web applications would be independent from the Browser and its capabilities. This would mean in turn that we need programming languages that are indepenendent from Browser features and only used for writing Web applications.

Giving Power to the apps, not to the Browser

This shift from the Browser as a tool for access and not viewing content would also mean a shift from giving power back from the Browser to applications and reduce Browser featurs to a limit.

Since the Browser must have some knowledge or concept how to present
Web date this might make it necessary to invent some cross-language format that describes Webcontent no matter if its HTML, CSS or a scripting language. This could be done with XML the same way you use XML to define a Webservice.

The power of Convergence

Converging Web applications with Desktop applications or features will make it possible to write applications that can both access far networks over the internet and access local resources on your local machine given some restrictions on critical data. Yet even this problem might be solved by allowing some personal configurations. For examle one could allow an application to acces his private data on his local machine if he secures it with a password. I think this is the sort of next Generation Web applications we are seeing in the 5 or 10
years. However this will also require some more security and awareness of dangers coming from the interent.

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