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Old JavaOne Presentations Never Die

Posted by chet on November 8, 2007 at 8:54 AM PST

The presentation that Doug Felt, Phil Race, and I did in 2005 has the best description+diagrams of text measurement in Java 2D that I have seen. It's so useful, in fact, that I put a link to the talk in one of the footnotes of the book (footnote 15, p. 78). (By the way, the great text descriptions were all due to Phil and Doug - I was just blathering on about graphics and animation, which should come as a shock to absolutely nobody).

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the link was dead and that the presentation is no longer available on the JavaOne site. Apparently, there is a 2-year-archive policy, so all of the 2005 presentations are no longer stored. Maybe they figure that content that old can't possibly be relevant anymore, but for presentations on APIs that live longer than 2 years, that's not necessarily true.

Anyway, I am posting the talk here mostly so that I can post a hopefully more permanent link in a corrected footnote (for the third printing, which is apparently going to press soon!). But I encourage you to take a look at the presentation if you're interested in text measurement (or Graphics Effects or Text Rendering or Printing, which we also cover in the slides). People that follow my blog and book will see some earlier versions of Filthy Rich topics in my slides. For example, the original work in Animated Transitions came out of work related to this presentation - it just took a bit more time to settle down into the utility library that is discussed in the book and published on the project site. I was already thinking about filthy rich content; I just needed a catchy name for it...

Here's the presentation: Advanced Java 2D for Desktop Applications.


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