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Of Pros and QCons

Posted by chet on November 9, 2007 at 10:55 AM PST

I spent Wednesday at QCon, in San Francisco, giving a presentation on Java's new consumer focus and participating on a panel with the auspicious title, What Will the Future of Java Development Be?.

I wrote a bit about one of the panel discussions for The Register, so I won't repeat that stuff here. Instead, I wanted to just repeat my favorite question that came up that evening. It was in my original article for The Register, but it got edited out (maybe it was too off-topic). Lucky for me I have this other outlet specifically designed for off-topic topics. So here it is:

A good language changes the way we think about programming. What language
would you like to see that would change the way we think?"

I found the question itself confusing. I mean,
if I could imagine something that would change the way I thought,
then wouldn't I already think that way? It seemed like I
could easily fall into an infinite recursion loop, overrun
my stack, and have a brain fault.

All of us had to answer that one, so I mumbled out something about improving the overall platform (not just the language). But mostly, I was busy trying to reboot my brain.

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