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The NetBeans Latin American Tour - Starting Week Three

Posted by timboudreau on November 12, 2007 at 12:19 PM PST

It's been a wild week of travel, to Buenos Aires and Cordoba, Argentina and now Santiago, Chile. We've had some adventures along the way.

In Buenos Aires, 90% of the airline pilots were grounded for not having had sufficient vacation to comply with safety regulations. So our flight to Cordoba was cancelled.

The next option was to take an overnight bus. So we went to do a little tourism shopping in the afternoon before the bus, and got back to pick up at our bags at the hotel and go the short distance to the bus station for our 6:30pm bus at 6pm (we had already bought tickets).

Well, the thing we didn't know is that it is impossible to get a taxi in Buenos Aires in less than 20 minutes at 6pm on a work-day. So we end up hauling bags and boxes of cd's and backpacks several blocks, trying to find a more major street to get a cab - and I end up begging a busboy at a Sheraton hotel to help us get a taxi ahora to the airport, in extremely broken and forgotten Spanish.

(Spanish is a challenge - after three years of Russian and five and a half years speaking Czech daily, actually constructing a sentence is nearly impossible - in Fortaleza, a security guard questioned what I was doing there, and I replied "Yo soy [spanish] paletrante [portuguese] na treti patro [czech]").

So we pile into a taxi at the Sheraton, but we need more than one taxi. And there is no other taxi. So Bruno and I go ahead to the bus station, leaving Mauricio and Tim Jacobson to find another taxi while we try to stall the bus. We succeed in delaying the bus, though it did not make us popular with the driver, and finally the guys arrive and off we go.

We get into Cordoba at about 5AM. So we get our vast pile of boxes and bags and head for the taxi stand, and get in two taxis. The driver tells us the address of our hotel does not exist and he's never heard of it. So we start driving to try to find some hotel, and Alvaro goes into the first one we find and asks them where our real hotel is. They tell us it is in another town 50km away. So we drive around Cordoba with two taxi drivers, trying to find a hotel we can actually get a room at at 6 in the morning. Eventually we make a phone call, and it's suggested we call a guy from the local users group who is helping us. So at 6:30AM all five of us pile into his hotel room, shower, eat breakfast...and then it's off to the university for the first five hours of talks of the day.

We had a very good crowd for the morning in Cordoba, very knowledgable about Java, so I skipped my intro to Java talk and went straight to NetBeans. There were some oohs and aahs when demoing code templates and instant rename, and the audience was really attentive. It's always fun to do a talk with people who are really into what you're talking about.

Cordoba is a beautiful city, and it is spring here, so the trees are in bloom. One of the professors from the university we talked at took us on a tour of the city the day after, which is where most of the photos in this blog came from. It's definitely a city I would love to visit with more than 48 hours to get to know it - there's a lot here!

Argentina - 19.jpg

Hallway in the oldest university in the Americas

And of course we're having a lot of fun with Bruno's puppets, Juggy and Jack.

I've got a bunch of ideas for NetBeans module projects percolating, that I've been thinking about on this trip. As usual, the question is what to prioritize (like I don't have enough projects!). What do you think:

  • Support for developing things to extends Project Wonderland
  • Something to make it easy for students to submit a project for a class just by right clicking a NetBeans project, with an SPI for plugging in whatever talks to the backend, so people can do what they want

Wall of a cathedral in Cordoba, Argentina

Wall of a cathedral in Cordoba, Argentina

Jack Loves OpenSolaris

Jack - one of Bruno's wonderful puppets, who loves OpenSolaris

Mickey mouse butt?

Now this is art!

Orgasmatron I

Not quite what it is advertised as...

Argentina - 86.jpg

But definitely an unusual sensation, as Bruno discovered

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