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Lucky 13

Posted by brinkley on November 12, 2007 at 10:15 PM PST

November 13, 2007, a day I'll remember for a long time. It represented the day we launched the community and the day I could official announce why I had left the comforts of the JavaDesktop and JDK Communities for a startup Mobile & Embedded Community.

Of course some people thought the 13th was a terrible day to start the community. It was the 13th after all. But I never have shied away for the number 13. I wore it on my baseball jersey in High School and it has nothing to due with fact that my front tooth was knocked out on a warm up pitch or that I got leveled at home plate more than once. And by the way each guy that leveled me was OUT!!!!

Naw 13 doesn't worry me one bit and this first year has proven it isn't a jinx at all. We now have over 80 projects in the community and more are coming in every day. The phoneME bits are being reused in a number of external projects. Some of those projects are now coming knocking on the door and asking what they have to do join the community. What I think is amazing is we're seeing both application developers and platform developers side by side in the community. That's something that is rarely seen and this community is doing a good job of it.

I've also traveled around the world sharing the news about the community with people in Asia, North and South America while my counterparts have been visiting sites in Europe and joining me in Asia. This year we might actually make it to Africa as well. The response? Pretty outstanding. One thousand in Hyderbad, India and solid 400 at two sites in Brazil.

It's taken a full year but this international community of ME devotees is growing and now they have their own agenda and you'll find speakers from Brazil, Sweden, Ireland, Italy, the Czech Republic, and the United States. I don't think any other conference has this type of coverage.

So come celebrate the community with us today by registering for the Java Mobile & Embedded Developer Days conference. Seating is limited and early bird registration ends November 30.