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ApacheCON USA 2007 is Over :-)

Posted by paranoiabla on November 20, 2007 at 5:55 AM PST

Hi guys,

this year's ApacheCON in Atlanta is over. It was totally amazing... :-) It was my first ApacheCON and I am so glad I took part of this conference.

I had a really long trip to Atlanta. Started from Sofia, then spent a couple of days in London. Pretty expensive city, by the way ;-). Then went to New York where I spent a week with my cousin, exploring the New York city and especially Manhattan. Manhattan is the enchanting place to live and to work. Totally amazing mixture of cultures, behaviors, languages and everything else. Really awesome. From there I went straight to Atlanta. This year's conference had lots of keynote speakers and featured the OLPC project. So I had the chance to spent some time working on this interesting machine (pretty shame there was no Java on it... :-( ). Great people, great talks, great conference.(Some of you may know that I had planned a presentation about Cactus). We had also a dinner, provided by Google, also a key-signing party and the lightning talks. Everything was great, but for me the chance to meet some guys that only communicated with me over the email, was priceless. Some words about the hotel - really classy place to stay - my room was on the 62nd floor and I had the chance to explore the city the way only birds can see it :-). After the conference I flew to New York, then back to Paris and then to D