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You're A Big Boy Now

Posted by editor on November 20, 2007 at 8:32 AM PST

Open-source and education

A spin-off of the Global Education and Learning Community is highlighted on the front page today, and we hope you'll have a chance to check it out. is building an Open Source Curriculum (OSC) of free educational materials for grades K-12.

In our Feature Article, Chatting About Curriki, program manager Gary Thompson interviews Curriki executive director Dr. Barbara "Bobbi" Kurshan and chief technology officer Joshua Marks.

Our latest Java Mobility Podcast is
Java Mobile Podcast 27: JTVOS (TV set top box) at Cineca Research.
"Lorenzo Pallara is a researcher with Cineca, an Italian consortium of 31 universities, 2 Scientific Research agencies, and the Ministry of University and Research. The JTVOS project is a open sourced Java based end to end interactive TV broadcasting platform based on phoneME advanced."

In Java Today,

Tor Norbye demonstrates writing and running unit tests using the NetBeans Ruby Support in a brief screencast on In it, he shows off how NetBeans offers a wizard for Ruby unit test creation, points out the handy key binding to hop between a class and its test, shows how the summary of test results is presented to the user, and points out conveniences that will make Ruby developers feel at home, such as the TextMate-like "Dark Pastels" color theme in NetBeans 6.

The EoD SQL project has just announced its 1.0 release. EoD SQL describes itself as "a lightweight object-relational bridge for Java. It's based on the EoD API (@Select, @Update) from Java 6 beta, which was dropped from the final release. EoD SQL is fast, memory efficient, and easy to use. Most importantly, EoD SQL is built to conform to the way you code, rather than force you into a new way of doing things."

Terrence Barr, technical evangelist for the Java Mobile & Embedded Community at Sun Microsystems, sat down with eWEEK Senior Editor Darryl K. Taft to discuss Sun's community efforts in the mobile and embedded space, in the interview Sun Shines on Mobile and Embedded Community. In it, he discusses the growth of the community, key projects, community stars, the evolution of Java ME and SE, and the upcoming Mobile and Embedded Developer Days conference.

In today's Weblogs, Jean-Francois Arcand announces that
Jetty 6.1.6 is out, with Grizzly 1.6.1 support.
"Jetty 6.1.6 has been released, and that release can now run using Grizzly 1.6.1. 6.1.6 - 1.6.1...7.7.7...a new monster is born!"

Fabrizio Giudici writes about some
New improvements for building NetBeans RCP apps - and OpenBlueSky available.
"After some refactoring, I've polished my ant tools for improving a bit the way NetBeans RCP projects are built."

Finally, Bruno Ghisi shares
Highlights from Caravana Tecnológica GUJava/SC.
"Recently, Bruno Souza wrote about the tour that they were doing in some Latin America cities. Unfortunately, he had to travel to Russia, but the awesome guys (Tim Boudreau, Tim Jacobson, Maurício Leal, Eduardo Lima) came to visit Florianópolis. Here it goes my highlights and some pics... also, if you are a JUG leader, you will probably be interested in two tools that I will comment in this entry!"

SwingX dominates today's Forums, with
fester starting things off with a question about
JXErrorPane button sizes.
"Is there way to control the button sizes of the "Close" and "Details" button on a JXErrorPane? I'm using a layout manager (JGoodies) that makes the buttons equal width and I would like to have it too for a nice integration in my application."

Next, mattnathan shows off
A Painter with Flare.
"I've just committed into the incubator the first draft of a new painter that I think could add a bit of sparkle to an application: LensFlarePainter. Here's a demo (requires Java 6 due to the radial painting and things like that). Here's a picture for those that don't have Java 6 installed. Click or drag in the window to move the flare around. As this is the first time I've ever tried to create this type of effect please post comments as to how you think it can be improved."

Finally, rasto1968 updates fixes and breakage in
Re: Tip Of The Day broken by the most recent changes...
"I updated/rebuilt swingx today. The good news, tip of the day is now OK. The bad news, the column control menu on JXTables is still wrong."

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Open-source and education