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The NetBeans South American Tour Wraps Up

Posted by timboudreau on November 24, 2007 at 4:04 AM PST

After 11 cities in three weeks, we finished up the NetBeans/OpenSolaris South American University Tour last week in Natal, Brazil.

On Saturday, after our five hours of NetBeans talks, I was scheduled to do a talk at Natal Java Day, at 9:40AM. I awoke to blazing sunlight coming through the window of my hotel room. My mental clock that judges such things told me it looked like 9 or 10AM. Oh, crap, I thought - I slept through my talk! So I power up the laptop. It says it is 5:45AM. So I call the reception desk. Yes, it really is 5:45AM.
Natal is in the tropics - quite close to the equator. Sunrise happens very fast, and it is full light very early.

We spent Sunday cruising around the dunes of Natal in a dune buggy, with a driver who offered us the options of a tour with emotion, or a tour without emotion. We realized what with emotion means the first time we went down a near-vertical grade. There were various stops to zip down ropes at high speed into a lake and other such madness. Actually, I'd recommend this sort of tour (maybe with slightly less emotion when it comes to the driving) to anyone with kids - it's very kid-friendly.

I'm taking some vacation now, which has given me time to work on one of my Friday-afternoon-projects, a persistence framework for Wicket that makes writing database-aware applications really trivial. I'll be contributing it to Wicket Stuff sometime in the next week or two - so a blog containing some actual Java code is coming, I promise :-)

Meanwhile, some photos from our travels...

Cows on the beach in Natal, Brazil

Cows on the beach - who knew?

Fisherman in Natal, Brazil

A fisherman in Natal, Brazil

Street vendor in Natal, Brazil

Street vendor in Natal, Brazil

Can you find the computer programmers in this picture?

Can you find the computer programmers in this picture?

Florianopolis, Brazil

Florianopolis, Brazil - one of my favorite places on earth!

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