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Sneakin' Up On You

Posted by editor on November 26, 2007 at 8:55 AM PST

ME Developer Days approaching

OK, with a vacation week over in the US, it's time to start making plans for early 2008. One of the things I need to do for myself this week is to get registered for and arrange transportation to the
Mobile & Embedded Developer Days conference. I'm looking forward to meeting with our many community members and hopefully recording some audio for a future podcast series. Plus, with the broad range of ME platforms -- from phones to game consoles and a lot of form-factors in between -- there should be a variety of interests and opportunities on display.

Considering it's now late November, and the conference is in January, there's not a lot of time to make plans either. That's why we've put the conference in this week's front-page Spotlight.
After all, this is the last week to get the early bird registration price of $175, which goes up to $225 after November 30. Visit the conference's project page to check out the agenda, list of speakers, and planned sessions.

On a related note, our latest Java Mobility Podcast is a collection of Talks on upcoming Java Mobile and Embedded Developer Days.
Podcast hosts Roger Brinkley and Terrence Barr are joined by members of the selection committee for January's Java Mobile and Embedded Developer Days. They talk about the different types of sessions that have been scheduled for this conference with C. Enrique Ortiz, CTO at EZee, Sean Sheedy, Java ME Consultant and Eric Arseneau, Sun Microsystems.

In Java Today,
a recently-posted Java SE 6 Performance White Paper presents an overview of performance and scalability improvements in Java SE 6, with impressive benchmark results. "One of the principal design centers for Java Platform, Standard Edition 6 (Java SE 6) was to improve performance and scalability by targeting performance deficiencies highlighted by some of the most popular Java benchmarks currently available and also by working closely with the Java community to determine key areas where performance enhancements would have the most impact."

The Quaqua Look and Feel project for Mac OS X has released version 4.1. "The Quaqua Look and Feel is a user interface library for Java applications which wish to closely adhere to the Apple Human Interface Guidelines for Mac OS X," automatically switching between appropriate looks for the Tiger, Panther, and Jaguar versions of OS X, and providing Swing implementations of NSBrowser and NSSheet. "Version 4.1 includes a FileChooserUI which roughly simulates the native file dialogs in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. Except for panel backgrounds and frame borders, Quaqua still uses the Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger design."

A new edition, issue 148, of the JavaTools Community Newsletter is out, with tool-related news from around the web, announcements of new community projects, a graduation from the Tools incubator (ReportNG), and a Tool Tip that lists the Top 10 Most Active Tools Community projects.

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