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Posted by editor on November 28, 2007 at 8:28 AM PST

Tomorrow's chat in Second Life

I got a brief note from the people about a virtual event to be held tomorrow in Second Life, so I finally got around to signing up for an account and downloading the software. And that's why this blog is late this morning -- it took a while to create my avatar (that's "Invalidname Schism" to you) and to make him properly reflect my weight and lack of hair. Oh sure, I could have gone for some wild fantasy look, but I'm just not that creative, at least not on company time.

Anyways, I teleported over to the Sun pavilion in SL and chatted with the Java quiz bot... all the questions are about EJB! Fortunately, you can just blurt out answers until you get the right one. Somewhere in the pavilion, I managed to pick up a JavaFX t-shirt, which gave me a good excuse to drop the chainmail I'd gotten from the tutorial area.

So, I'm set for the event, and here's the original listing: Sun's Dana Nourie is inviting Java developers to meet in the Sun Microsystems Developer Playground in Second Life tomorrow -- November 29 at 9-10 AM PDT -- to chat about how you can learn the Java platform.

Also in Java Today,
the NetBeans QA team has announced the results of the NetBeans IDE 6.0 Community Acceptance Survey that ended November 25th. They write, "93% of respondents agree that NetBeans 6.0 Release Candidate is stable enough to move into FCS. A few respondents recommended that we fix some more issues, and our quality engineers are evaluating these."

TheServerSide has posted a novel article by Akshay Sharma on how to Design to Unit Test. "Thinking about unit testing during design, leads to a good design. Unit tests are not just pieces to catch 'bugs', they also drive the design. Unit tests enforce the contract of the classes and methods and thus making sure the design adheres to the contract of the system."