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Packaging Java Apps for Ubuntu @ FOSS.IN

Posted by arungupta on December 5, 2007 at 3:00 AM PST
I presented on "Packaging Java Apps for Ubuntu" as part of

Debian-Ubuntu Project Day
FOSS.IN yesterday.
Thanks to Harpreet
for giving me the opportunity to talk. The slides are available


I've given multiple
but this was my first formal conference in India
and so was pretty excited. The talk explained the offerings of
Ubuntu desktop, explained

Debian packaging system
, described how
GlassFish was delivered in Ubuntu and then finally
the lessons learned. The lessons learned from delivering
GlassFish in Ubuntu could be applied to any Java application.

Here were the questions that were asked during the session:

  1. How does GlassFish interact with existing packages in Ubuntu/Debian

    GlassFish "requires" the JDK package and expects it to be present
    during installation. If the package is not present, then the
    underlying Ubuntu packaging mechanism first downloads it and
    installs it. GlassFish is not dependent on any other packages during

    For build time, it depends on debhelper package. This brings
    in debuild which is used to build the packages.
  2. GlassFish v2 takes time to start up. How can that be improved

    Read tips in

    GlassFish Tuning Primer
    to optimize the performance of your

    GlassFish v3
    takes this to the next level by providing a fast
    (starts up < 1 sec), small (kernel < 100 kb) and modular (load only
    the required containers) App server. A preview is
    available and the production release will be available in 2009.

Sun Microsystems is a Platinum sponsor
of the conference and was given a big booth
space. If you visit Sun booth, you can see the back panel with a list of
all the major open source projects that Sun is involved with, including
but not limited to GlassFish,
OpenSPARC and many others. And this does not even talk
about all the sub-projects that are under each of the communities. For
example, GlassFish has Metro,
Jersey and many others.

I would love to stay for the entire duration of the conference but have to
meet some folks in a different city. My short stay at the conference was nice.
The Ubuntu Project Day was running ahead of schedule and so the conference
organizers were courteous to invite me earlier and give me little extra time as
well. Thanks for that!

On the food front, I was slightly disappointed because not even once I get to see Sambar/Dosa,
not even once. The breakfast, lunch and dinner - none of them were
serving Dosas :( Hopefully I'll be able to feast on my next stop at

Here are some pictures I captured moving around the city:

The complete album from the event is here:


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