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Databases for Java ME, part 2: Not just JavaDB but also Perst Lite

Posted by terrencebarr on December 7, 2007 at 3:22 AM PST

Updates 12/10/07:

  • Bruno Ghisi just reminded me of Project Floggy, the Java ME persistence framework. This is another option for  object-oriented persistence on CLDC. Thanks, Bruno!
  • Here is another database I was made aware of: J2MicroDB, an open source database from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in Spain

In September I blogged about JavaDB/Derby for phoneME ("Need a database with your phone?"). There has been a lot of interest in this and people are using JavaDB/Derby in real-world deployments now with the phoneME Advanced (CDC) stack.

However, I overlooked another database option for Java ME platform: Perst Lite from McObject. I would like to make sure the Java ME developer community is aware of it because Perst Lite has a number of interesting properties:

  • True object-oriented database
  • Supports not only CDC but also CLDC
  • Sources available under GPL

So if you are looking for an object-oriented database (as opposed to a relational database like JavaDB/Derby) or you need a database for the phoneME Feature (CLDC) stack then Perst Lite looks like a perfect match.

In fact, McObject and the Mobile & Embedded Community are planning to collaborate around this topic. You will hear more on this very shortly.

PS: No, I have no financial or other interest in Perst Lite or McObject ...


-- Terrence

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