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Posted by editor on December 10, 2007 at 7:58 AM PST

Javapolis '07 opens

It's mid-morning here in Atlanta, so accounting for a six hour time difference between here and Antwerp, it's late afternoon on the first day of the Javapolis '07 conference. The schedule shows today as being for BoFs, Quickies, and the Javapolis University, and looking at the university topic list, it looks like attendees are in for a deep dive to start the week, even if the conference content, per se, doesn't even start until Wednesday.

As we do for JavaOne, Javapolis has flipped their front page into a densely-packed view of blogs from and about the conference, on the sure bet that attendees will be best able to cover all that's going on there. You'll notice several webloggers among the blogging attendees, including Jean-Francois Arcand, Fabrizio Guidici, and Sean Mullan.

We'll keep an eye out for interesting developments at the conference... after all, Joshua Marinacci did promise " a secret open source project that none of you have been expecting", and I have it on good authority (like, an IM from Josh two windows over) that this will be announced at Javapolis later this week.

We have one more bit of Javapolis-related news in the Java Today section:
the JUG Community is meeting up for a Java User Groups BOF at JavaPolis 2007, Thursday, December 13th, 7.30-8.30 pm. Notable attendees/speakers include: Fabrizio ( JUG Community Leader), Stephan Janssen (Belgian JUG), Paris Apostolopoulos (Hellenic Greek JUG), Klaasjan Tukker (Dutch NL JUG), Bruno Bossola (JUG Torino), Van Riper (Silicon Valley Web Developer JUG), Michael Hüttermann (JUGC, JUG Community Leader), Radoslaw Holewa (Polish JUG), Christophe Jollivet and Eric Siber from, Aaron Houston (Program Coordinator) from Sun Microsystems, and many many many others.

Interview with Ludovic Champenois about GlassFish Tooling is the latest installment of the GlassFish podcast. In it, Ludo "discusses the general developer experience with GlassFish as well as with IDEs such as NetBeans and Eclipse. We go into the save/reload paradigm for web and Ajax apps (using jMaki for instance), incremental deployment possibilities, value and role of IDEs for Java EE 5, best OS for developers, and more."

A new edition, issue 150, of the JavaTools Community Newsletter is out, starting off with a link to the CommunityOne Call for Participation, summarizing tool-related news from around the web, welcoming a new project to the community, and offering a ToolTip on how to participate in the Open Source Community Innovation Awards Program.

Starting off today's Weblogs,
Fabrizio Giudici relates an argument that claims
If you loved real OO, you wouldn't really love 'if'.
"The point is: most of the things we do and we tag as "Object Oriented" aren't, or aren't completely. For instance, if you use getter and setter methods, you're not doing a true OO (I know, I know, NetBeans, Eclipse, IDEA, most of the existing frameworks use them...). Even more: if you use a lot of "if" and "for" keywords in your Java code, you're probably not doing a good OO."

Terrence Barr considers more ME persistence options in
Databases for Java ME, part 2: Not just JavaDB but also Perst Lite.
"In September I blogged about JavaDB/Derby for phoneME ("Need a database with your phone?"). There has been a lot of interest in this and people are using JavaDB/Derby in real-world deployments now with the phoneME Advanced (CDC) stack. However, I However, I overlooked another database option for Java ME platform: Perst Lite from McObject."

Finally, getting in an early "year ender" blog, Felipe Ortiz offers his picks for the
Top Java Releases of 2007.
"It is that time of year when folks look back at the events that made the year so memorable. I was reading a nice article regarding the top Java stories of 2007 and I thought I quickly jot down the top Java software releases. Of course, my list might be different than yours so please feel free to comment on the software you where thankful for this past year!"

This week's Spotlight is on the CommunityOne event, which will be held again on May 5, 2008 (the day before JavaOne). Organizers have opened up the Call for Participation, with the following list of proposed topics:

  1. Free and Open
  2. Projects and Strategy
  3. Operating Systems
  4. Web Servers and Databases
  5. Scripting Languages: Content Authoring and RIAs
  6. Tools and Integrated Development Environments
  7. Next Generation Web Applications
  8. Web Scale Computing

That said, organizers are looking for participants to define what the conference program should cover, and encourage addition of new topics to the Conference Wiki. In any case, the CFP closes on January 31, 2008, and acceptances will be sent out by February 15.

In today's Forums, johnhoward wonders about JavaFX Script's
onMouseClicked and onMouseEntered.
"Is there a difference in the notification for onMouseEntered and onMouseClicked. I am displaying playing cards which overlap each other. The approach I have adopted is to use a Group node with a content of an ImageView for each card. I then set up a callback for onMouseClicked and onMouseEntered. What I am seeing is that mouseClicked callback is just to the top most card. But, for mouseEntered all cards at that location are notified. Is this expected behaviour and if it is how can I determine the top most card at that location."

wangzaixiang would like to know
How to reset the "Code complete" fast key to "ALT + /".
"The default fastkey for NetBeans's Code Completion is "CTL + SPACE" but that is the default system fastkey for chinese input in Chinese windows. So i hope to reset it to another. But, when i lookup for all the menu to do it, i can only change other function's fastkey, but no entry for "Code Complete""

Finally, asif_kalim wonders about the
preferred linux version for phoneMe Development Environment.
"I am working on setting up the build environment for the phoneMe MR1 project. As mentioned in the getting started guide recommendations are to use Red Hat Linux version 7-10, I am quite comfortable with ubuntu 6.10, if i use ubuntu for dev environment, is there any issue?"

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Javapolis '07 opens