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It's over now

Posted by fabriziogiudici on December 14, 2007 at 4:07 AM PST

And even JavaPolis 2007 has gone now. Great conference, as usual.

Yesterday I attended for my first time two talks about other languages and language enhancements. I've loosely following those arguments, but now I think it's high time I made a better opinion on them.

I saw the presentation of the Scala language. It's pretty well designed by a computer science point of view, but I don't see it as any kind of replacement for the masses. And I'd be scared in seeing uncoordinated people working with operator overloading. I had a flashback from old C++ nightmares. So Scala is definitely out of my radar now - it's now time to have a deeper look at Erlang.

I also attended Joshua Block's talk about his "lightweight" approach to closures. I had never read anything about his work and my original opinion has always been: we don't need closures, anonymous classes are fine, just in case Java 7 could give us a less verbose syntax. I'm glad to see Joshua is fighting for this aim and sure he's got my vote. For what concerns his other proposal, about a special syntax for cleanly managing the release of resources, I don't think we need it. I wasn't aware at all that the second big demand for closures was for this kind of need and I found it just crazy to change a language just for something like this.

At last, today I attended a great talk, both for contents and the speaker. It was "Java for high performant 3D and 2D graphical applications". Not only it demonstrated once again how Java is pretty good at the desktop (Frank Suykens works for Luciad, a belgian company that makes - between other things - products for Air Traffic Controlling) and that Java desktop products ARE around (even though most are industrial applications, just a few for final users), not only it gave a pretty good quick overview of the most common techniques for Java 3D and 2D optimization, but it also ended with a great example on how to tune the Garbage Collector by using properly the profiling tools that the JDK offers. Bookmark it and wait for the video recording to appear on, since Frank also showed some very cool demos.

Too bad I missed the talk about Wicket 2.0 for an inconvenience (I'm using Wicket 1.3 for a project, so I'm really intersted in it), but will do again for me.

It was also great to shake hands with people from Sun such as Chat Haase, François Orsini, Roberto Chinnici, Jean-François Arcand and others; above all to talk in person with Vincent Brabant, another NetBeans Dream Member; and with Jeanette and other committers of the SwingLabs project (Joshua, it's your turn now, maybe at JavaOne next year?)

Guys, JavaPolis is better and better each year. Remember: this year it was sold out and you can bet it will be next year: Stephan told us clearly that changing the venue for a larger one isn't an option (he's right, having large screens and cinema setup is cool). So remember to buy your ticket early.

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