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Telecommuting tips

Posted by staufferjames on December 17, 2007 at 11:44 AM PST

I have been telecommuting 1-2 days/week for a few years so I present the following tips to those who want to telecommute:

  1. Practice communicating by email (especially when it is easier to talk in person about something) so you get better at writing emails that are complete and easy to understand.
  2. Practice doing as many normal activities on your telecommuting days as possible. Minimize "waiting until you get back to the office".
  3. Practice minimizing differences between your telecommuting and in-office days so that your telecommuting doesn't negatively affect the company.

For me #1 was the hardest to learn.

BTW why do there seem to be more full-time telecommuting positions in .NET than Java? (Or maybe you disagree...)

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