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Get Busy now

Posted by rah003 on December 29, 2007 at 12:26 PM PST
JXBusyLabel have been in SwingX for quite while. Introduced by Josh while ago component and associated painter have provided developers with ability to enrich their applications with nice infinite progress bar component. The initial version have been bit limited - it was not possible to scale the indicator, speed have been fixed, shape and trajectory have been fixed as well.

As soon as this component have been introduced I've started to look at the ways to extend its functionality. Being interrupted multiple times and having lost some changes to the code it took about 6 months before the final version have been committed back to the SwingX code base. New BusyPainter now supports nearly any kind of shape as a progress point as well as nearly any kind of closed path as trajectory.

Since it is not always easy to imagine kind of progress indicator that can be
created by combination of different shapes as points and trajectories, below is simple demo that shows various combinations and can also produce the code necessary to recreate whatever kind of progress bar is currently shown.
For those who can't run the demo or are too lazy to do so, here's at least a screenshot.


BusyLabel Demo:

Here's another demo showing use of the JXBusyLabel to as progress bar indicator common in the browsers - as part of the menu.

Menu Bar Demo:

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