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2008 - a 1 millions Java Programmer Project

Posted by fthamura on December 31, 2007 at 9:20 PM PST

Last December 2007, we finished deliver the JENI content, thx to JEDI team that developer the core, we use their material for JENI 1 through 3 as the baseline review.

Next year (today), we are in the new year and we have a new target to develop 1 millions Java programmer in 5 years. This is a target from ministery of education - foreign affair departement.

We have JENI 4 a Mobile Game curicullum, JENI 5, Integrated Framework (we use Spring, Struts2, Hibernate, Eclipselink), JENI 6 we use Swing as Desktop Games Programming.

I hope the target can become reality in next 5 years, but.. will Java manage their momentum so the target still relevan, because we must bring students outside Jardiknas to join the JENI.

That will be cool if Java become the most popular technology, and the country is based on product, which usually based on smart guy, and develop amazing exodus for this region.

Hope the movement still bright!

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