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Time Breaks Down

Posted by editor on January 2, 2008 at 5:51 AM PST

Welcome to 2008

Ack! Is it 2008 already? The holiday vacation here flew by in a whirl of visiting relatives, Wii Sports bowling, year-end financials, and high-calorie leftovers.

When I was younger and had more free time over the holidays, I used to see those long, empty days between Christmas and New Year's as a prime time to mess around on the computer. When I was in middle school... and this would have been about 1979 or so... there was one year where my school let some of the more computer-oriented students take home Commodore PET computers from the computer lab to work with over the holidays. Which was great, except for one thing: the PETs used a customized cassette recorder for program storage, and we had fewer of those than we had computers. So I got the computer over the holidays, but not a cassette deck, meaning that while I had all the time I wanted to write programs on the PET, I had no way of saving them. At one point, I wrote a maze game in BASIC, then left the computer on for two days straight because I couldn't stand the thought of losing all my work.

Ah, youth and exuberance. You can still get that buzz off a new year of course, with new starts, new perspectives, and resolutions to do new stuff on this lap around the Sun. There's the usual stuff you see this time of year: resolutions, reflections, and of course the annual "this will be the year that Linux on the desktop really takes off" blog.

But let's get more specific: what do you want out of this year? What can we do to help you build community, collaborate, and enjoy your membership in the broader Java community? Are there topics you'd like to learn more about, or services you'd like to see provided? We have our own plans for changes in 2008, and to get it right, we need to hear from you. Comment on this blog, send e-mail, talk amongst yourselves... if you have an idea of how to make better in 2008, please let us know.

Speaking of letting us know about stuff, the Events List only has events listed up through February. Surely there are more conferences, JUG meetings, and other events that you're part of. If you want to get your event listed, send us the essential details via the events submission form, and (pending an editorial review) we'll add it to the website and the daily editor's blog. Similarly, you can discuss upcoming events on the conferences forum.

To begin the new year in the Weblogs section, Marina