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JDIC - NetBeans Integration Updated for 6.0

Posted by richunger on January 2, 2008 at 3:24 PM PST

To jump back into programming, and to familiarize myself with the new release of NetBeans, I've updated the jdic-netbeans integration.  Here you can see the browser embedded in NB, replacing the default "Swing browser".

There's still some issues with the integration that I've never managed to tackle, relating to heavyweight-lightweight component mixing.  The browser doesn't handle being resized very well, and tends to put itself in front of other TopComponents.  Any ideas welcome!

The source code is available on the project site.

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Chris: I'm just a client of JDIC, I'm not a developer for them. I sure hope it's not dead. I, too, am disturbed by the lack of activity!

Andre: I'd heard about this fix, but I haven't started testing JRE7 builds yet. My guess is that it will fix the z-ordering problem, but not the resizing problem. That looks like a genuine JDIC bug.

...and yes, I was in Prague for about a week. Jarda took me to his favorite pub for lunch, and introduced me to Kofola ("the taste of communism!") I also met with Robert and Micah (of for an interview at a very nice restaurant right on the river. My blog entry for Prague is at:

I had also the same problem trying to resize the JDIC browser inside a JScrollPane, I tried to use a ScrollPane but that didn't work either. Carl

Does that mean that JDIC isn't dead after all? The main JDIC site hasn't been updated in a long time...

- Chris

Oh ... and welcome back! Did you go to Prague? Jarda's pub?

Hi Rich, does this JRE7 fix do anything good:;jsessionid=cb945c4168ebd756a... I think we tried this already in 2004 ;-) Cheers, André