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Pictures To Prove It

Posted by editor on January 17, 2008 at 8:45 AM PST

Snow, a breakdown, and a very late editor's blog

It started last night with snowflakes falling just before dinner time. Understand that this is Atlanta, where we get snow once every 3-4 years. It kept falling for a few hours, and I ended up letting my two-year-old daughter, Quinn, go outside and check it out before bedtime:


Unfortunately, it turned to rain overnight, and then our car died while dropping off our five-year-old at school, so I ended up getting to wait for the tow truck in a cold rain for an hour this morning. All of which explains why the page and editor's blog are late today. Sorry about that. At least we got some snow.

Fortunately, things are slower today, with yesterday's Day Of Huge Announcements (Sun buys MySQL, Oracle buys BEA) behind us. The only thing I can't keep up with now are the CodeMash podcasts, recorded at last week's CodeMash conference in Sandusky, Ohio, and now being released at a furious rate, so fast that the interview with Java concurrency expert Brian Goetz went right through my iTunes library and got overwritten before I had a chance to listen to it. Actually, we did the same thing with our JavaOne 2006 podcasts, and after we realized we were putting stuff out faster than anyone could actually handle, slowed back down to a two-a-week schedule for our 2007 podcasts.

In Java Today,
the Aquarium reports that visualvm supports GlassFish.
"If JConsole was one of your reasons for moving to Java 5, you'll probably like VisualVM. This recent project is building on top of the NetBeans profiler technology (née JFluid) to provide a NetBeans Platform-powered standalone tool to monitor Java VMs. This tool strikes an interesting balance between monitoring, profiling, and troubleshooting tools. Some plugins such as the MBeans browser are already available from its update center."

NetBeans IDE has won the Best Development Tool and Best Java Tool categories in the Product of the Year 2008 Awards. NetBeans Mobility Pack also nabbed a win as the Best Wireless/Mobile Development Tool, providing a nod to its new mobile game builder and integrated UI for CLDC/MIDP development. No other IDEs won any of the prizes. Congratulations NetBeans!

Expanding on five brief predictions provided for JDJ, Sun's Tim Bray offers five interesting and sometimes controversial predictions for 2008 in a series of blogs: RIA vs. Ajax, Windows looks bad, Rails rules, PHP runs into problems, and Social networking will experience massive churn.

In today's Weblogs.
James Gosling reports that he's
Jazzed about MySQL.
"I'm at the MySQL company meeting where we've just announced that Sun is aquiring MySQL. Everyone from Sun is excited, and everyone from MySQL that I've talked to so far is excited too."

Rémi Forax offers
Yet another closure proposal:
"I have carefully checked my archive and doesn't find any closure proposal. It seems that be up-to-date nowadays you have to propose your own closure proposal. So here is mine."

Finally, in Write a Phony Application ... Or Dial Trying, Chet Haase presents "a dissection of a new Scene Graph demo, JPhone."

In today's Forums,
lcmeng is looking for techniques to determine the
Intersection of Line and Polygon and the Area of Polygon. "It seems that the intersct() of Line2D will only return a boolean value. I'm looking for some sample code to calculate the intersection of a line and a polygon (or 2 lines) and return the point. In addition, I need to calculate the area of a regular polygon. I guess the the source files of Line2D.intersect() and Graphics2D.fill() will help a lot."

GlassFish user sbeard could use help
Setting up LDAP.
"I cant seem to find any documentation on how to set up Glassfish(Sun App Server) to use a LDAP server. We need that admin user and other user accounts to authenticate to the LDAP server and not a local file. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I saw how to create an LDAP security realm. However the documentation does not explain on what to put in to the fields of the configuration page. Also, the connection to the LDAP server requires a signed certificate. How do you edit the SSL so that the signed cert is in place?"

Finally, Kristian Rink wonders about GlassFish document management options in
[OT] Sun/Open-Source DMS atop glassfish?
"Moving forth introducing glassfish/SJSAS to our local environment, I stumbled upon an interesting question: A company we are communicating with (technically) once in a while is using the whole load of Oracle stuff in their backend, including SQL DB, OAS and Oracle ContentDB. Generally, after looking at all the things in question (technology, support, licensing), we prefer Sun to Oracle in almost any respect, but given we are into document management, ContentDB seems an interesting tool. So, question: Is there an alternative to this usable with SJSAS/glassfish?"

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Snow, a breakdown, and a very late editor's blog


In Today we are linked to Tim Bray (sun employee right?) who says "Actually, now I see that Java EE’s XML configuration files are da bomb"'s of course sarcasm. It bothers me a bit because these XML configurations came from Sun...we didn't invent them.