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A lot of news and Ubuntu beautiful fonts

Posted by ildella on January 18, 2008 at 1:58 AM PST

I know that many of the ones who just happen to read this already know every single news that I am going to talk about but... I want to tell these anyway, like talking in a pub about something everyone knows. Is not that strange and I'll be briefly, just the fact.

In the last cople of days I have seen the release of Apache Jackrabbit 1.4 with a lot of new features. Then the new build of java 6uN with the mythological java kernel to try. Then again, the swing scenegraph now has a demo project full of interesting demo applications. Scenegraph is fantastic, I am going to write something about it in the next days. Then again, Sun is going to acquire MySQL. Well this is just "industry news" but anyway, something important.
Something else? Yahoo to adopt OpenID? The ultra-thin-beautiful and unuseful MacBook Air? Is Dirk-Willem van Gulik leaving Joost a good or a bad news for the project?

I think I have to turn down the browser and keep coding for the next days :)

Before I left you, I give you this tip I just discovered. This is to turn ugly Ubuntu Gutsy font in something that really resemble OSX fonts:

From ubuntu forums:
If you're using Gutsy, go to System > Preferences > Appearance.
Then click on the "Fonts" tab.
Then click "Details".
Under "Hinting", click "none"

Have a nice day.

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