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Posted by editor on January 21, 2008 at 6:15 AM PST

Even more stuff added to this week's M&E Developer Days

So, here I am coding over the weekend, thinking at some point I need to move everything over to the laptop for Tuesday night's trip to M&E Developer Days, when who should IM me but conference co-organizer and M&E community lead Roger Brinkley.

So, OK, I figure, we've had something about the conference (either a blog or a Java Today item) on the page almost every day for the last week, and registration closed Friday, so he's probably just IM'ing to say "hi" and ack that we'll meet up Wednesday morning.

Nope. Turns out there's still more pre-conference announcements to pack in, not the least of which is the fact that registration is still open. Oh, and now there's a contest. And big news coming in the form of a conference announcement, but that's embargoed until at least Wednesday, so my lips are sealed.

So, we begin Java Today
with these late announcements about the Mobile & Embedded Developer Days conference, posted by Roger in a pair of blogs. As mentioned above, the first is that registration is still open, despite an earlier announcement that registrations would close last Friday. Those attending the conference will have a shot at winning one of four Sun SPOTs in the SPOTs Away contest: "Throughout the first day attendees will hear several presentations on SunSPOTS. Any attendees that wants to enter the contest will submit a proposal on "What I would do if I won the SunSPOT Java Developer Kit" to conference organizer by 4:30 pm on Wednesday January 23."

Also relating to the M&E community, the latest episode of the Java Posse podcast is a pair of Open Source Java ME and SE Interviews. In the first, Dick Wall interviews Terrence Barr about the Mobile & Embedded Community, phoneME's open-source licensing, the future of CLDC, the pick-up in ME development, and this week's Mobile & Embedded Developer Days conference. In the second part, Mark Reinhold talks about OpenJDK, the sub-projects it has spawned, the state of encumbrance-clearing, outside contributions to OpenJDK, the Mercurial transition, the project's governance, and more.

The latest edition, issue 154, of the JavaTools Community Newsletter is out, with updates from the editors about last week's big mergers and the judging process for the 300 submissions to the JavaOne tools track, tool-related news from around the web, a new community project, and a Tool Tip on profiling JavaScript code.

We're not done with Mobile & Embedded items yet. The latest Java Mobility Podcast is
Java Mobility Podcast 34: Manfred Kube on Siemens AySystem, about "the AySystem: connecting you to anyone or anything -- from anywhere in the world and all of the time." In this episode, Monfred Kobe discusses this new end to end Java solution from Seimens.

This week's Spotlight points over to the SDN's latest Ask The Experts session, which is on "Developing and Deploying Java SE-Based Applications on Solaris". "Are you developing or deploying Java SE applications in the Solaris Operating System? Do you have a question about Java SE technology in Solaris? Post it during this session and get answers from three people at Sun Microsystems who have lots of experience with the intersection of Java SE and Solaris: Dave Dice, Alan Bateman, and Valerie Peng."

In today's Forums,
hwinkler posts a
Deployment Toolkit RFE:
"deployJava.js needs a function to detect whether a particular web start application has been installed. Use case: My web start app registers to handle a certain mime type and file extension. I have pages with links to resources of that type. Until users launch the first time, links to that mime type will fail, so I want to hide those links and force them to launch the JNLP just once. To be clear: Users don't ordinarily launch this web start app by clicking the JNLP link. They just click the links to its documents, and Web Start launches the application, passing the document to it on the command line."

irockel announces the latest version of an interesting project in
TDA - Thread Dump Analyzer for SunVMs 1.6 released.
"I just released Version 1.6 of my little tool TDA - Thread Dump Analyzer. Changes from 1.5 are: Added new filter rule "stack line count greater as", Added clipboard operation in logfile view, Enhanced Monitor View, added expand all nodes and sort by thread count to popup, Added View operations for root tree,Added Drag and Drop for new files to open, Threads are now displayed in a table, the thread ids and native ids are transferred from hexadecimal to decimal, [...] You'll find further information in my blog. The tool can be downloaded or started using Webstart on the tool's homepage."

nsimpson says upcoming updates from Project Wonderland will make things easier for some users, writing in
Re: how to make slideshow to be a shared cell?,
"if your goal is a shared slide viewer, with synchronized state between all clients then the simplest solution might be to wait a few days. We're about to release some new Wonderland applications, one of which is a PDF viewer. This app does exactly what you're looking for. The current slide viewer will probably be replaced with the PDF viewer."

In today's Weblogs, Ahmed