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First list of topics covered at Jazoon'08

Posted by cwfrei on January 31, 2008 at 12:24 AM PST

We are very happy to announce the first list of topics which will be covered at Jazoon.

Check back on my blog for further announcements.

Topics covered by experts at Jazoon'08:

  • AJAX, Greg Murray, Sun Microsystems
  • GlassFish, Jerome Dochez, Sun Microsystems
  • Google Gears, Dion Almaer, Google
  • Java ME, Terrence Barr, Sun Microsystems
  • Open DS, Ludovic Poitou, Sun Microsystems
  • Open ESB, Suresh Potiny, Sun Microsystems
  • RESTful Web Services, Paul Sandoz, Sun Microsystems
  • Scripting Language Support Tooling, Ludovic Champenois, Sun Microsystems
  • TestNG, C
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