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Web Stack in SXDE

Posted by ludo on February 5, 2008 at 7:42 AM PST


today, Sun is releasing a new version of Solaris Express developer
Edition (SXDE) that you can download for free at

The reason why this release is significant is that for the first time,
a complete Web Stack is integrated and ready to use after the
installation of the operating system (DVD or VMWare image) on your
laptop of desktop.

This release includes the latest tools (NetBeans 6.0 and
NetBeans PHP support, Sun Studio), and technologies (JDK 1.6, Apache
2.2, PHP 5.2.4,  MySQL 5, PostgresQL 8, Ruby, GlassFish Java
EE 5),  to create applications for the Open Solaris OS, Java
Application Platforms, and Web 2.0.

I've created
a screencast
that explains how to initialize the Web Stack
for a Solaris Desktop user, how to start the Apache2 and MySQL servers,
how to administer the stack, how to create and run a simple demo, how
to use the NetBeans PHP IDE to create, deploy and debug PHP
applications, all these steps done in a rushing 10 minutes. So fasten
your seat belt.

available here.

Now if you do not have the time or the bandwith to watch the screen
cast, you can view a few images taken from the screencast below:

Default Welcome page in Firefox (bundled) for SXDE 1/08:

ishot-100.png src=""
height="596" width="798">

Desktop Menu to Initialize the Web Stack:

ishot-101.png src=""
height="593" width="793">

Desktop Menus after the initialization of the Web Stack:

ishot-102.png src=""
height="597" width="798">

Web Stack Options UI console:

ishot-103.png src=""
height="594" width="792">

Registering a MySQL database connection in the NetBeans PHP

ishot-104.png src=""
height="592" width="794">

Running a PHP Project via the NetBeans PHP IDE

ishot-105.png src=""
height="592" width="794">

Debugging a PHP project int he NetBeans PHP IDE:

ishot-106.png src=""
height="594" width="795">

As you see, it is so simple that I was even able to create a debug a
PHP application is less than 10 minutes. So give it a try, this is
going to be a great year for Open Solaris and Web developers.

Install SXDE 01/08 (free  at
on your desktop or laptop, using VMWare  (Mac, PC,...) or not,
and give it a try,


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