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Scenario Webstart Extension

Posted by idk on February 8, 2008 at 8:37 PM PST


Scenario version 0.5 is out. For the list of features and enhancements
check out Hans's

One of the things we have done for this and will do for future
releases is to provide a webstart extension for Scenario binaries.
Using the extension allows for simpler deployment for webstart
enabled applications which use Scenario. Instead of hosting Scenario
binaries on your website you can reference them using
extension tag in resources section of you
jnlp file. The extension for release 0.5 is available

Take this demo for example:

(Note: java 6 is required to run it)

Here is jnlp file for this demo: was used to create pretty html of the xml file -->

xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <jnlp codebase="" href="movie.jnlp">
    <title>Countdown Film Demo</title>
    <vendor>Sun Microsystems, Inc.</vendor>
    <offline-allowed />
     <j2se version="1.6+" href="" />
     <extension name="Scenario-0.5"
     <jar href="movie.jar" />
  <application-desc main-class=""/>


The sources for the demo are available


or in the scenario-demos repository

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Done -- thanks.

Hi Jared , May I ask you to repost your question to Thanks, Igor

Hi Igor, sorry for posting randomly on your blog, but I found your name exploring the source code.... :) I'm trying to support multi-sequence accelerators in JMenuItems while using the Windows look and feel. For example, File Open... Ctrl+X Ctrl-F Save Ctrl+X Ctrl+S Close Ctrl+X Ctrl+K Previously, we were able to do this by supplying our own subclass of BasicMenuItemUI. Now, however, with all the special rendering for Vista, our subclass does not render the same as Sun's WindowsMenuItemUI. Can you think of a good way to accomplish this? We are really stuck! Thanks! Jared

Scenario is really cool ! - Michael Knyazev