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Contribute to Hudson and win $1000s!

Posted by kohsuke on February 13, 2008 at 11:05 AM PST

GlassFish is launching the "GlassFish Award Program", and Hudson is a part of this program.

What that means is that you can do some of the followings and you could win cold hard cash! And I'm talking about a lot of money here, in the order of thousands.

  1. Report bugs to Hudson. If I understand the rules correctly, the top-three great bug reports in Hudson will each get roughly $2500, at the end of July 2008.
  2. Make contributions to Hudson. This is rather open-ended, but for example, it could be one of the followings. The winners will be chosen from all the GlassFish projects, unlike the bug report prizes, but the first prize is $20000, the second/third prize is $10000, and 20 base prizes are each $4000.
    • Develop a convincing Hudson plugin that does something new
    • Write documentation (or better yet, how about a book!)
    • Localization
    • Develop/enhance IDE plugins for Hudson (we have ones for all major IDEs but I think they could all use some help.)
    • Develop tools that work with Hudson, like this or this.

I couldn't find this in the contest rules, but I believe the enhancements to existing plugins and tools would still count, and they'd be judged based on the delta improvements during the contest term, so if you have already developed a Hudson plugin, you still have a good chance of winning.

If you are interested in contributing but don't know where to start, look for the issues with 'introductory' status, as those are particularly suited for people who'd like to ramp up. The "extend Hudson" page and in particular the plugin tutorial should be helpful.

If you are more ambitious and willing to attack something substantially bigger, here are some of the random ideas that might get your brain start thinking:

  1. Hudson and cloud computing. Wouldn't it be cool if you can run a build/test cluster on platforms like SunGrid or Amazon EC2? You can get as much computing resources as you need, just when you need it.
  2. Hudson and virtualization. Often you need to run tests in different environments, but keeping those environments on bare metal is not very efficient for provisioning. This is bit like the above, but wouldn't it be nice if Hudson could work with virtualization software and start/stop slaves in the right architecture, just when they are needed?
  3. Personalization. Now that some basic security infrastructure is place, expand that to better handle personalization. Let the user choose what to display in their top page, or how they'd receive notifications. Display time stamp in the user's time zone, etc.
  4. Update center. Let Hudson installations talk to the central server to discover plugin updates and automate update processes. It has a lot of other potentials, like simplifying the bug reporting.
  5. More intelligence. Hudson gets a lot of data. Can it be used for something more sophisticated? For example, can we correlate test regressions with changes and bug ids to create a "working set", like Mylyn does? Can't we closely integrate with IDEs to make those information seamlessly available to developers?

Anyway, I hope this gets you interested. For more details, see the GAP page and Sun's community innovation awards program, of which GAP is a part of.

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i think i need some rules here.. i dont know what must be done here.. but im really interesting for find some bugs for you. please tell me so i can help you ^^

Yes, Hudson is fully included! IIRC, the bug report contest is 100 prizes of $500 each. We had considered a number of options before - too many constraints (or too much flexibility!) - so I think you are looking at the remmants of one of the options we had considered. Let me talk with Alexis and Paul and get back to you. And good luck with contributions! I think Hudson is a super project! :-) - eduard/o

Looking at the GAP bug report prize distribution, it looks like Hudson is the #1 component with the number of issues -- 393. I can't decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing...

Individuals quality; companies do not. So, individuals (that happen to work for one company or other, JBoss included) can apply, but JBoss itself can't. Bottom line, if JBoss let's you apply as an individual, then you qualify. - eduard/o

prabhatjha -- Yes, I believe so, but please check the actual terms&conditions for yourself to be really sure. Yes, I'm aware that the contributions from JBoss to Hudson has been significant!

If I understand correctly, I belive the award applies to contributions made during the award term period.

Do folks at JBoss qualify? We have found significant amount of bugs, suggested feature improvements and have contributed some plugins as well.

Hi, I'd like to understand what the challenges to run Hudson on EC2 are. If you use the RedHat AMI that should be pretty straight forward, but apparently it's not. Thanks for starting a discussion on that :) Andreas