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Posted by editor on February 18, 2008 at 3:29 AM PST

The GlassFish Day before GlassFish Day, and other conference news

In many ways, CommunityOne was an outgrowth of special pre-JavaOne developer events: first NetBeans Day, then GlassFish Day and OpenSolaris Day and so on. After a point, it made sense for these events to co-locate and mingle a little bit.

On the other hand, what about the day before that, meaning the Sunday preceding JavaOne's Tuesday start? You're not doing anything, right? After all, the Community Leaders meeting is Saturday, and it usually doesn't stretch into a second day. So Sunday is pretty much free, except for coming down to Moscone to pick up your badge early.

And if you're going to be down there anyways...

In today's Forums,
Eduaro Pelegri-Llopart announces
GlassFish-related activities at Moscone (SF) the Sunday before JavaOne.
"JavaOne this year is Tue-Fri, May 6-9, at the Moscone Center, in San Francisc CommunityOne is that Monday, and will have some GlassFish Content. We will have access to one of the rooms at The Moscone the day before, Sunday, and we are beginning to plan meetings for that day. *Ideas* might range from technical workshops on how to build GFv3 services, to hands-on advice from technical leads, to partner programs, to what-have-you. We will start a thread on this at the advocacy alias this next week."

Elsewhere in the Forums, Dirk Reske posts a
Enterprise app + cluster question.
"I have a question about clustering of enterpise applications. Currently we have an enterprise application containing an ejb and a jsf web application accessing the ejb's local interfaces. We are planning to cluster the application in production use. Since we have no experience in this field, there are some questions. Should put the whole enterprise app (ejb + web) on all cluster instances and access the ejb's through their local interfaces? Or should we put the web package on some of the instances and the ejb's on the other cluster instances and access the ejb's through their remote interfaces?"

Finally, rasped announces an interesting project involving
"I have made a toolchain that can compile the vmcore and toggle the light sensor from the arm_main method in os.c. Pls. see I will add more later to this post."

In Java Today,
the Aquarium notes a JSF 2.0 Preview Series over on Ryan Lubke's Blog. "JSF 2.0
should go final with
Java EE 6
(and thus with the final release of GlassFish v3)
but the implementation is done as a
Separate Project
within the community. Ryan is the implementation lead for JSF 2.0 and he has started describing the new features.
The first entries cover
(Production, Development, UnitTest, SystemTest, Extension)
(things like JavaScript and the like)."

JavaBin, the Norwegian JavaUsers Group, has announced a call for presentations for the 2008 edition of JavaZone. The event will take place in Oslo, Norway on September 17 and 18. 2008 marks the seventh year that this event will be held. Last year was a massive success with more than 2200 attendees enjoying over 90 sessions in seven parallel tracks. The CFP closes on April 14, 2008.

The latest edition, issue 158, of the JavaTools Community Newsletter is out, announcing the addition of the 800th project to the community, as well as rounding up tool-related news from around the web, listing new projects and announcements from community projects, and offering a Tool Tip on saving development time with Jetty and Maven 2.

This week's Spotlight is on the OpenJDK JDK 6 project, a backport of the evolving GPL+CPE codebase to the JDK 6 spec, has posted its first source release. Due to IP encumbrances, some classes are not available as source, and are instead provided as "binary plugs" for Windows, Solaris (32- and 64-bit) and Linux (i586 and AMD64). More details about the project are available in Joe Darcy's blog and his initial project proposal. Those interested in the OpenJDK project will also want to check out the OpenJDK Developers' Guide, an early attempt to document everything needed by would-be contributors, from checking out code to contributing patches.

In today's Weblogs, John Ferguson Smart tries to get back to the original point of testing, in
Behavior Driven Development - putting testing into perspective.
"The ultimate aim of writing software is to produce a product that satisfies the end user and the project sponser (sometimes they are the same, sometimes they are different). How can we make sure testing helps us obtain these goals in a cost-efficient manner?"

Arun Gupta announces
GlassFish v3 gem on JRuby 1.1 RC2 in one of his recent blogs.
"JRuby 1.1 RC2 was released earlier today an GlassFish v3 gem works like a charm on it. Here are the steps for quick verification on v3 gem ..."

And somewhat off his usual topics, but still interesting, Fabrizio Giudici questions the assumptions of Facebook and its ilk, in
Officially, I hate social networking (non Java rants).
"Well, I've just removed my account from FaceBook (for what I could do).The reason? I've just run into this article by an italian newspaper about the incredibly unfriendly policy about privacy that FaceBook applies."

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The GlassFish Day before GlassFish Day, and other conference news