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The Blues Are Still Blu

Posted by editor on February 19, 2008 at 4:25 AM PST

More developers want to try out Blu-Ray Disc Java

One of the big deals of last year's JavaOne was an entire day dedicated to the use of Java in interactive television applications. The ME-based Multimedia Home Platform (MHP) is popular for ITV applications in Europe, and the CableLabs industry group recently launched the OpenCable project on to define a Java-based middleware layer for further interactive TV applications.

One of the most prominent stories, of course, is Blu-Ray Disc Java (BD-J), the MHP-based API for highly interactive applications running on Blu-Ray Disc high definition movie discs. With Blu-Ray having won the high-definition format war -- Toshiba just announced yesterday it is abandoning HD-DVD -- this looks like an exciting field to be in.

A problem for interested developers is that the BD-J spec remains available only to licensees, at a fairly dear cost (we're talking five figures, in US dollars). At JavaOne, speakers on a BD-J panel said that the Blu-Ray Disc Association was aware that some sort of overture needed to be made to open-source and independent developers for whom the full-blown spec-licensing path wasn't appropriate, but it doesn't seem like we've heard anything on that front lately.

Still, Sun remains interested in talking up BD-J to developers.
In Java Today, we feature the SDN video Deep Dive: Blu-ray Disc Java, in which Sun's Blu-ray Disc (BDJ) architect Bill Foote discusses and demonstrates some of the powerful capabilities of BDJ, the Java platform for high-capacity Blu-ray Disc optical media device. See examples of BDJ applications such as interactive video-based menus, Blu-ray disc-based games, and more.

Also in Java Today,
"the LinAlg project is developing a linear algebra API that offers core features and more for vectors, matrices, complex numbers, Quaternions, "and other linear algebra related stuff." The latest stable release, version 2.0, "completed the 2D and 3D Vector classes, added more basic Matrix operations and free rotation, added a core Quaternion class with basic Quaternion operaions, added a few algorithms: basic Gaussian algorithms for LES, [and] added a few tools for plotting Vectors and complex numbers.""

An updated release of the JavaFX Script plugin for the the newly released NetBeans IDE 6.0.1 is available for download from the NetBeans Beta Update Center. This release includes several bug fixes and functionality improvements made to the plugin. For more detailed information about the changes, visit the change list page.

Joshua Marinacci continues his series of JavaFX demos in today's Weblogs, starting with a bit of a diversion.
JavaFX Script Doodles, #2: a tabbed rectangle, he writes,
"before I dive into my second doodle I'd like to mention the following Groodle. Allow me to explain. Andres Almiray saw my first JavaFX Doodle and decided to recreate it using the GraphicsBuilder syntax of Groovy; hence a Groodle! :)"

Meanwhile, Eamonn McManus talks about
Speaking at JavaOne. "I'll be speaking at JavaOne again this year, in a double act with Jean-François."

In today's Forums,
christiaan_se discusses VM philosophies and purposes in
Re: Consumer JRE & MVM.
"I absolutely agree that there have been even more important enhancements. I was just wondering whether next to startup time and download size there also is a focus on scalability (in terms of memory footprint when multiple java applications are running on the same machine, which is a focus point of MVM). Would be quite interesting to our company."

jmetcalf asks about
How to set ha availability option using JSR 88 deployment extensions.
"I have written a custom deployment utility using the JSR 88 enterprise deployment extensions and was wondering if there is a way to enable the ha availability option during a deploy or redeploy operation to glassfish v2 ur1 using that API. Specifically, I am using the javax.enterprise.deploy.spi.DeploymentManager interface, which under the covers is using com.sun.enterprise.deployapi.SunDeploymentManager as the implementation. The distribute (deploy) method takes an optional argument called a deployment plan which seems to be a good candidate for including the ha availability option, but I don't know the format of such a deployment plan. Since the defaults (null deployment plan) work perfectly except for the availability option, I am hoping the deployment plan can be simple to trivial so that I may only include options such as availability where it deviates from the default. Thoughts?"

Getting back to our original Blu-Ray topic, agrando offers help with both kinds of Blu-Ray authoring in the thread
Re: HDMV authoring sites.
"You've already found one of the most useful resources for BD-J authoring in this forum.vvAs for sites about HDMV, I'd start out at . It's the site for the HD Cookbook book, but it links to a few very helpful resources. Unfortunately, there's still a limited amount of info in the wild with regards to Blu-ray authoring.vOh, If you're using Scenarist HDMV, Sonic has a few useful tutorials up on authoring HDMV discs in Scenarist. Check their Support-Downloads page."

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More developers want to try out Blu-Ray Disc Java