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QA with Java Champion, Cay Horstmann

Posted by hiheiss on February 22, 2008 at 6:11 PM PST

Check out my interview with Java Champion Cay Horstmann on if you want to know:

* Why it never pays to optimize code until after you profile.

* What's wrong with the JavaServer Faces library implementers, and the app server implementers

* Where JSF programmers go wrong.

* The problem with threads.

* The case for closures.

* The biggest mistakes computer science teachers make.

* Why we have too many scripting languages.

He's provocative and fun! Tell me what you think, please.

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This was a great interview! I really enjoyed the fact that subject matter covered lots of different areas and didn't dwell for a long time. It made reading the article quick, informative, and very interesting. Prof Horstmann has been a tremendous resource for breaking down java. Thanks for interviewing him.

Terrance, thanks so very very very much for your kind words and so sorry for the delay in my thank you. Was away on business and personal travel. So glad that you enjoyed this QA. Prof Horstmann was so much fun to interview. I feel quite fortunate to have caught up with him to do this QA. Jan