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CommunityOne Conference Session Accepted

Posted by paranoiabla on February 28, 2008 at 1:16 AM PST

Hi guys,

Yesterday I got the acceptance email for our session on this-year's CommunityOne conference. Me(Bulgarian JUG), Michael Van Riper(Silicon Valley Web Developer JUG), Chris Richardson(East Bay JUG, Oakland), Abdel Remani(Chico JUG, CA), Paul Webber(San Diego JUG), Bruno Souza(SouJava JUG, Brazil), Peter Pilgrim (Java Web User Group, UK), Michael Huttermann (Cologne JUG), Fabrizio Gianneschi(JUG Sardegna), Stephan Janssen(Belgian JUG) and last but not least Thor Henning Hetland (javaBin, Norway) proposed a few months ago a session called "Java User Groups: Think Globally, Act Locally". With this session we would like to focus, not only on the best practices of building a JUG, but also some global resources the JUGs support(the JUG Community mailing list, the JUG googleMap, the Footprint project, ...). Along with giving advices to the newly-born JUGs, we are planning each one of the panelists to cover some issues he has discovered, while leading his local JUG, and also the solution he made to resolve it.

I am really thrilled to take part in this session, and, of course once again meet the guys from JavaPolis on a beer :-).

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