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Announcing issue police

Posted by kohsuke on March 6, 2008 at 10:22 AM PST

One of the common problems of project owners is the e-mails that people send to This list is normally reserved for the automatic notifications from the issue tracker (thus it gets lower level of attention), but mistaken users often think this is the list to report any problems, and send in e-mails directly.

The "issue police" daemon monitors the issues list, and if it finds such an e-mail, it will politely remind the user that the issues list is for notifications only. It's very easy to use, too — just add as a subcriber to your issues list.

(And while I have your attention, if you run projects, you'll probably find my other projects like autoresponder, role manager, tasks, and logger useful.)

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re: Fabrizio. We see the same behavior at GlassFish. Even worse. Sometimes the cynical in me thinks some people just want to be able to say "developer at OSS project" in their resume. Most likely it is confusion. - eduard/o

> I have to pay you a beer at JavaOne!
He he, I'll count on it, then :-)

I agree that on some projects people never respond to these e-mails. Judging from responses from some people, it appears that people often mistakenly think that they need a role to be able to access the code. So perhaps that's what's happening with your projects, too.

I take this chance to discuss about one thing that has been puzzling me for years. So far, I've manually applied the same policy described by Kohsuke for membership requests: Project Owner requests are kindly refused, Observers are automatically confirmed, while I ask an introduction for people wishing the (Content) Developer role.

What amazes me is that I received answers only once out of ten cases :-O I've even tried to contact directly people to, but no way. Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong?

role manager... you must be a genius. It's fantastic and what always amazes me about your products is how easily they approach the problem. And while reading the the policy file, I was thinking "Too bad I'll have to redo this for all the projects I own", when I see the redirector example at the end of the file. That's fantastic.

I have to pay you a beer at JavaOne!

Credit: this project is insipred by Jesse Glick