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Vrrrrrooommm: Jersey 0.6 released...with Grizzly 1.7.2!

Posted by jfarcand on March 7, 2008 at 8:44 AM PST

Today the Jersey community has released version 0.6....with support for Grizzly 1.7.2 and its new Request/Response API. To read the official announcement, see Paul's blog.


Under the hood, Grizzly 1.7.2 is used. 1.7.2 added a new set of API (based on community feedback :-)) that makes much more easier the task of embedding the monster. The new API has also been adopted by JTXA, soon Phobos/Netbeans and GlassFish v3. So what was the problem before? Before, the Grizzly HTTP API wasn't offering useful object like Input/OutputStream, Reader/Writer and high level Request/Response object. So every application that embedded Grizzly has to implement their own, having the same issues and asking the same questions on our user list :-). The new API contains:

With those classes, you no longer have reasons to not embed Grizzly HTTP!!


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hi jean Please recommend books Network Programming Thank you

Hi! Which advantages do I get from using Grizzly within Jersey? What is the difference to using "normal" Jersey? Thanks

When using Jersey, you need a web server like Tomcat, GlassFish, the JDK httpServer or.... grizzly. You cannot use Jersey without one of those. Thanks!

Do you means how to run Jersey on Grizzly? Take a look at this blog. Thanks

I'm having trouble findind this info. Am i missing something ? Is this what you meant jean françois (from the article):
In terms of what's next:
(if time permits) experiment with Grizzly and comet;

Thanks! Fixed.

hi there,

the link to paul's blog should be :

Thank you,