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Posted by gsporar on March 14, 2008 at 5:06 PM PDT

In March 2007 the nice folks at the Java Metroplex Users Group (MUG) in Dallas let me speak to them about NetBeans.

They had noticed that I had talked about memory leaks to the Houston Java Users Group back in October and they asked me to do the same presentation for them.

So I drove up on March 12 and it was a great time. I got to chat briefly with Pete Carapetyan, who I had met last year; Pete has his own review of my presentation here. We had a good crowd: over 50 people. The slides are available here.

There were several really interesting comments and questions. One attendee commented on how the problem I demonstrated with a PermGen memory leak would not have happened if the application had not been repeatedly undeployed and redeployed to the web server. While that is certainly true, it led another attendee to comment: "Once I give them the .war file, I have no control over what they do with it." In other words, in an ideal world applications do not get repeatedly undeployed and redeployed, but in the real world things do not always work out that way....

There was also a question about cyclic object references. The Heap Walker in the NetBeans IDE provides annotations to indicate just those sorts of relationships. Cyclic references are shown with two green arrows that form a circle:


My thanks to Lisa Danzer for coordinating my visit to Dallas and (as always) to Aaron Houston for sending some books and t-shirts that we could use as prizes.

And many thanks to Erik Weibust of the MUG for inviting me up and running the meeting. I did not get to meet Erik last year because he was unable to attend that meeting. Turns out he is a great guy and for those of you in the area, he is one of the organizers of an interesting one-day conference: Dallas TechFest. It is on May 3 and the price cannot be beat: free!

I would consider driving up to attend, but I will be in California that day getting ready for NetBeans Day at JavaOne.


Hi Greg, please, let me get you email . I think I got I bug on netbeans! Please. do not ask me to submit a bug at bugzila cause it's my first time using netbeans, so I'm not comfortable doing that. bye.