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Glassfish and jMaki at EclipseCon

Posted by carlavmott on March 21, 2008 at 9:21 AM PDT

Today Ludo and I spoke at EclipseCon on Glassfish and jMaki. Our talk was well attended and well received. Here is an overview of the talk and some comments.

Ludo started the talk with a discussion about Glassfish V2 and V3. He mentioned that Glassfish v2 is enterprise-centric providing clustering, load-balancing and HA support. He also talked about the world record performance numbers we're seeing, specifically the JSP container and Grizzly siting the performance and scaling improvements there. He said "You no longer need to chose between Open Source and Performance". He also mentioned that GlassFish v3 is coming and is focused on having a small footprint, being modular and fast startup. He followed with a demo of the Glassfish Eclipse plugin using the V3 preview release that is avaliable today. The GlassFish community is active and growing with 5.5 million downloads, dozens of external contributors and over 7000 members.

Then I got to talk about jMaki and demo the latest release, jMaki 1.1 developer preview. I talked about what jMaki is and why folks would want to use it. The main points were client server framework, client side runtime to bootstrap widgets and provide publish and subscribe communication bus, the server runtime to inject necessary JavaScript code into web pages and XmlHttpProxy to access external RESTful web services. I got to demo the latest jMaki release using the Eclipse plugin. I then showed jMaki webtop, one of the latest features we are working on. See and I ended the talk with a demo of jMaki running on GlassFish with Comet enabled. This is a demo that ships with the jMaki standalone bundle. I like this demot because the audience can participate and each person's activity is broadcast to all who are connected.

Attendees wanted to know when GlassFish v3 will be available and they liked the demos especially the comet demo which I was told was pretty impressive.

I hope we impressed upon others that Sun is committed to providing plugins to Eclipse.

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