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Bouncing Off Clouds

Posted by editor on March 21, 2008 at 3:01 AM PDT

It's not too early to start planning for JavaOne

Can it really be true that JavaOne is just a little over six weeks away? Everyone who's putting together big demos for the show is probably heading into crunch time at this point, and everyone else needs to buy plane tickets before they become completely unaffordable.

If you're coming, you should plan to arrive in time for Monday's free events at CommunityOne. In one highlight of the event, the NetBeans Team will be hosting the free NetBeans Day at CommunityOne . Hear and see what's new in the NetBeans IDE (Ruby, PHP, Visual Mobile Designer, Swing, Beans Binding, etc.); have lunch with the Java Posse; meet with NetBeans experts and fellow NetBeans developers; and grab some NetBeans swag. Seats are limited, so register now if you plan to attend.

Also in Java Today,
SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) technology is behind many of today's popular services, such as VoIP, instant messaging, and web conferencing. Underpinning SIP is the SIP Servlet, initially defined in JSR-116 and, since then, updated in JSR-289. The latter defines a standard application programming model to mix SIP Servlets and Java EE components. The open source project SailFin adds a SIP Servlet technology extension to the GlassFish Application Server. In SailFin: When Java EE Met SIP, JavaLobby's Geertjan Wielenga interview the main developers involved in this project, Binod PG and Vince Kraemer.

In the Artima interview The Importance of Model-View Separation Terence Parr, creator of the StringTemplate template engine as well as the ANTLR parser generator, talks about the importance of separating business logic and presentation.

In today's Weblogs, John


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Is there any Java Training in Chennai, India.

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