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Posted by editor on March 21, 2008 at 3:01 AM PDT

It's not too early to start planning for JavaOne

Can it really be true that JavaOne is just a little over six weeks away? Everyone who's putting together big demos for the show is probably heading into crunch time at this point, and everyone else needs to buy plane tickets before they become completely unaffordable.

If you're coming, you should plan to arrive in time for Monday's free events at CommunityOne. In one highlight of the event, the NetBeans Team will be hosting the free NetBeans Day at CommunityOne . Hear and see what's new in the NetBeans IDE (Ruby, PHP, Visual Mobile Designer, Swing, Beans Binding, etc.); have lunch with the Java Posse; meet with NetBeans experts and fellow NetBeans developers; and grab some NetBeans swag. Seats are limited, so register now if you plan to attend.

Also in Java Today,
SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) technology is behind many of today's popular services, such as VoIP, instant messaging, and web conferencing. Underpinning SIP is the SIP Servlet, initially defined in JSR-116 and, since then, updated in JSR-289. The latter defines a standard application programming model to mix SIP Servlets and Java EE components. The open source project SailFin adds a SIP Servlet technology extension to the GlassFish Application Server. In SailFin: When Java EE Met SIP, JavaLobby's Geertjan Wielenga interview the main developers involved in this project, Binod PG and Vince Kraemer.

In the Artima interview The Importance of Model-View Separation Terence Parr, creator of the StringTemplate template engine as well as the ANTLR parser generator, talks about the importance of separating business logic and presentation.

In today's Weblogs, John O'Conner considers
Videos and the cubicle effect on content consumption
Notice all those great videos on these days. I think they're great but inaccessible for a couple reasons.

Kohsuke Kawaguchi reports on his latest development in
Fast-open IntelliJ plugin updated.
"I upgraded to IntelliJ IDEA 7.0.3 recently, and so I took some time to enhance my plugins to scratch my itches."

Finally, Vivek Pandey discusses
Using JPA with Rails on GlassFish and MySQL.
"In my last post I mentioned that "...with Rails there are some known limitations, such as the ORM in Rails is not pluggable" by which I basically meant that you can't plug in another ORM and the Rails Model creation and db migration will not generate the correct code for another kind of ORM. The good news is that with little bit of coding you can reuse your entity classes."

The latest Poll asks "Do you use syntax coloring?" Cast your vote on the front page, then visit the results page for current tallies and discussion.

In today's Forums,
rah003 reports on getting Swing X's CI server back online in
Hudson - back in business.
"Well, sort of ... for now running at rather prominent url: Soon the domain should point to this server as well, but if you need to access hudson right now, use the url above. Funny how absence of continuous build for couple of days allows for some creepy errors to sneak in ... there's one test failing. Whoever it is (no names) who worked on ListRenderer recently could you please check it out? Thanks."

Now that people actually can use the kitchen sink. complains about the inflexibility of Java interfaces.
"I have one problem with java. It's not geared towards future proofing. It's said it is, but its mostly about the past, (compatibility, compatibility, compatibility). This is a general thing, but there are some areas where things could be alleviated, philosophical points aside. One of these is interfaces. Interfaces were born because of the so-called diamond problem, where people who designed code in C++ would inherit from many classes making for a really messed up inheritance hierarchy. So java just removed the implementations from the classes. Thus classes would have cohesion, since everyone would have to implement things anyway. agree to this. It is a nice solution. Unfortunately there is just one thing. Interfaces make damn hard to program to interfaces and at the same time, have future proofing. THERE IS NO WAY TO ADD A METHOD TO A INTERFACE."

trembovetski points out design and performance considerations in
Re: Updating Graphics2D for Java 6+.
"But anyway, the difference between rendering a rectangle and a shape that looks like a rectangle (which is what Rectangle2D is) is that shape rendering in general is more computationally-intensive, and you don't want the code to be sprinkled with "instanceof" checks trying to figure out if some shape you're rendering is actually a Rectangle2D."

Current and upcoming Java

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It's not too early to start planning for JavaOne


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