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Open Agility - Tools and techniques for productive Java development

Posted by johnsmart on March 25, 2008 at 7:03 PM PDT

I will be giving a lunchtime talk in Wellington on the 8th of April on how Java development best practices can boost your productivity. In this talk, I will present some practical techniques for effective development of Java applications. The presentation will cover a number of key Java development practices and how these can improve productivity. For each practice I discuss the problems the practice is trying to solve, issues with implementing the practice, and the tools and techniques available to support the practice. In the time available practices will be covered at a high-level and will include:

  • Testing best practices
  • Continuous integration
  • Dependency management
  • Code quality
  • Integrated issue management
  • Automatically-generated technical documentation.

See here for details.

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12:15 start, but what duration?

Good question. 45 minutes, more or less.