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Posted by editor on March 28, 2008 at 7:58 AM PDT

Remarkable turnout for the mini-talk sign-up

Well, this is a first. In previous years, we signed up some, but not all, of the JavaOne Community Corner mini-talks before the show, leaving a few spots open for late topic additions, or even drop-in speakers who missed the earlier calls for sign-ups but could put together a suitable talk during the conference.

This year, however, over a month before the conference, we found that the schedule has pretty much already filled up. In fact, to clear a little space and ensure variety, we're working with some of the people and projects who signed up for multiple talks to consolidate a little, since there's clearly more demand for speaking opportunities. In fact, I see as of this writing, someone has invented and filled a spot on Friday, which probably isn't going to work out real well, as the Pavilion closes for good on Thursday afternoon, and anyone still in that space on Friday is probably driving a forklift or cherry-picker.

Anyways, we're delighted that the interest level in the talks, and the quality of the proposed sessions, is so high, and we're going to see what we can do to free up a few more spots for prospective speakers. So if you missed out, watch the wiki. We'll announce a "round 2" when we're ready to add a few more.

Speaking of the big show,
the latest Poll asks "Are you planning to attend JavaOne 2008?" Cast your vote on the front page, then visit the results page for current tallies and discussion.

In Java Today,
InfoQ has posted a book excerpt and review of Diego Adrian Naya Lazo's OSWorkflow: A guide for Java developers and architects to integrating open-source Business Process Management. The OSWorkflow project, part of Open Symphony, is a flexible workflow system that can be plugged in to almost any need or existing application. The "review" is really an interview with the author, and the PDF excerpt is the entirety of Chapter 4, "Using OSWorkflow in your Application."

Covered earlier this month in Elliotte Rusty Harold's article, the JSR 294 superpackages spec is apparently still in play. In Module membership declarations, Alex Buckley writes, "With my JSR 294 spec lead hat on, I recently proposed a change to the superpackage model which JSR 294 defines in the service of JSR 277's deployment modules. Early feedback has been positive, but where to declare module membership in source code is an ongoing issue."

For those working with OpenJDK's Mercurial sources, Kelly O'Hair answers the question Why do I have to create a "Merge" changeset when there was nothing to merge? "For most of us old TeamWare users, and maybe other SCM users, the need for all the Mercurial "Merge" changesets (or as some people politely refer to as 'merge turds') seems confusing and messy. If the changes don't involve the same file, it can be hard to understand why you need a Merge changeset."

In today's Weblogs.


True, we added JavaOne (and CommunityOne) to the events page a while back, and I overlooked adding it to the editor's blog template. Watch for a fix on Monday.

Your list of upcoming Java events is missing a a must-have: JavaOne 2008 in May. I realize that it overlaps Java Training Philippines, but we can't leave JavaOne 2008 out of the event calendar.