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Need You Tonight

Posted by editor on March 31, 2008 at 7:17 AM PDT

Extending mini-talks into the evening

On Friday, I reported that the mini-talks sign-ups for the Community Corner at JavaOne 2008 had already filled up, and that we were going to do something to free up some more spots.

What we've decided to do is to keep the podcast recorders and the presentation monitor powered up Tuesday night, allowing the mini-talks to continue through the "Pavilion Reception" period that runs from 6:30 to 8:00, and which features free food and drink in between the many booths. This allows us to add three more talks, with heavy foot traffic and perhaps more background noise, so it may be the ideal time for certain types of talks or speakers (audience interactive, demo-driven, whatever... surprise us!)

We also asked some speakers and topics who had multiple spots to consolidate, so that freed up a few more spots. As of Monday morning, there are now five free spots on the schedule, so if you missed out on getting your mini-talk posted, you now have a chance. Of course, remember to follow the instructions when submitting your mini-talks, as talks without proper abstracts or speaker bios will be deleted...

...and if that happens, there will be more free spots to fill, so even if you miss out today or aren't sure you want to do a mini-talk, check back over the next few weeks.

In Java Today,
the latest edition, issue 164 of the JavaTools Community Newsletter is out, with tool-related news from around the web, announcements of new projects getting started within the community, and a Tool Tip on comparing dates using Hibernate.

In TheServerSide article Performance Engineering - a Practitioner's Approach to Performance Testing, Alok Mahajan and Nikhil Sharma offer a very workable overview of the activities involved in performance testing, offering concrete definitions and filling in potential gaps.

In today's Weblogs, James Gosling blogs and posts a photo
In the depths of CERN.
"I was invited by some of the Java geeks who worked there. A lot of software at CERN is done in Java. One of the folks from CERN is going to be showing off some of their toys during my keynote session on the last day of JavaOne - yet another reason to come."

Kohsuke Kawaguchi announces his latest project management tool in
Introducing SCM/issue tracker cross-linking daemon.
"I wrote a daemon that creates cross-linking between SCM and issue trackers by using keywords in commit messages."

Finally, in
Start Planning for JavaOne, Marina Sum writes,
"the 2008 JavaOne conference is only 5 1/2 weeks away. Here are pointers to the Advance Conference Guide, Content Catalog, Schedule Builder, and other references."

This week's Spotlight is on the NetBeans IDE 6.1 Beta Blogging Contest.
With the next version of the NetBeans IDE just around the corner, the community is hosting a contest for bloggers discussing the new version. Blog about NetBeans IDE 6.1 Beta for 10 chances to win a $500 American Express Gift Certificate or 100 chances to win a cool NetBeans T-Shirt. To enter, post a blog describing your experience
using the new NetBeans IDE 6.1, a tutorial, insight, tech tip, cool
code sample, request for enhancements, etc. Your blog must be linked
to a comment or trackback made to the NetBeans Blogging Contest site.
Entries must be new material and not copied from
something already written. Complete the href=""
form, or see the contest page for an e-mail link. The conest ends April 18.

In today's Forums,
nkpevfqy expresses concerns about working with not-yet-production-quality code in
JAI IIO service provider list - Replacement for ImageRead JPEG 12-bit.
"We need to read and visualize JPEG 12-bit grayscale images from traffic cameras for a large traffic system (Windows i386). Currently we are using JAI 1.1.3 with the Image I/O Tools 1.1. Due to problems with some images that comes corrupted from the camera (large sections of the file contains random bytes - garbage = lack of EOI) that crashes the VM (the IIO codeclib DLL crashes), we move to the "last" version of the Image I/O Tools, the "nightly builds", that fix the problem (2007-12-03 release of DLLs). The problem is about deploying a non-stable product on a production environment. After a 3-year development using JAI and IIO, we found the problem, but the solution provided by JAI-SUN does not satisfy us/the client completely."

lazjen seeks a
RPM for Glassfish V2?
"Is anyone working on, or are there any plans to provide, a RPM for distributing Glassfish V2? I had a hunt around but couldn't see anything specific. Any pointers or info would be appreciated."

manat's Problem on Leopard sounds like some sort of network-related timeout, don't you think?
"I have a problem with Glassfish v2ur1 on OS X10.5.2 which make me feel frustrated. Glassfish started properly (but took quite sometime). Then when I tried to run HelloWorld it took 3 minutes 31 seconds! I read through this thread,, then I tried disable but it didn't solve my problem since my Glassfish started properly. But from the thread about network connection. I realized that I have the opposite problem. My system works fine with the wireless but not ethernet port. I unplugged my cable from the ethernet port. Then HelloWorld took only 1 second to run! Is there anyway to solve this problem?"

Current and upcoming Java

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Extending mini-talks into the evening