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New project Marge version! I'm not kidding...

Posted by lucastorri on April 1, 2008 at 10:49 AM PDT

Today, we are proud to announce a new version of the project Marge!

[Time for thinking...]

Yeah, that's true! This is not an april 1st joke :)

We have been working for the last month in new features in marge-core, the framework itself, and also in a new version of Bluechat. Now, we happily present marge-core v0.5, with the following diffs from 0.4.0:

  • Created AutoConnect class to make directly connections; (That's very cool! You can connect two bluetooth devices with just one line of code!);
  • Created the concept of layer (Currently there is beta unicast layer. Feel free to send new layers or tips for the layers mechanism);
  • Created UUIDGenerator that receives a name and automatically generates a UUID following the given name;
  • Created more methods in Inquiry/Discover to make this stuff easier, removing the JSR 82 int constants;
  • Coded small TODOs and XXXs (hashmap for server configuration, new default service, etc);
  • Moved project to NetBeans (see more about that above);
  • Organized the Subversion repository to make it more comprehensible.

The project was migrated to NetBeans 6.0, because we believe that, at the moment, Mobility Pack is a much better tool for Java ME development than the available free solutions for Eclipse. Anyway, you can see that we don't want to force anybody to use it, cause you can still use the available Ant scripts provided by NetBeans or import the source directly.

Also, more than a new release, today Marge is completing 1 year since our first commit to the project repository, which means Marge is doing his first birthday!

We want to thank you all that have supported, tried, gave feedback and worked with the project during this time. We know that the project wouldn't go on without your help and because of that we are thankful. Now, we expect that you that already use Marge, keep using and sending your ideas, and for that ones that have never used Marge, this is the perfect chance, cause the project is getting better every new release!

Thanks again and don't forget to go to the project's web page, take a look in the new features and give a try!

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Building a Java ME Bluetooth chat in 12 minutes... :)

Yes. If any device haven't been found in area, the inquiryCompleted method is called with an empty array as parameter.

Ah of course... Another question - does the InquiryListener timeout? Or is that something I will have to implement myself when implementing a listener? e.g. If no devices are ever found, it keeps doesn't seem to fire the inquiryCompleted() event.

UUIDs identifies more than just the device itself, they also identify services on the device.

What's the purpose of the UUIDs? Aren't the BT MAC addresses good enough (and possibly unique enough)?