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Java Champion, Adam Bien, on Java EE

Posted by hiheiss on April 7, 2008 at 1:52 AM PDT

Please check out my interview with Java Champion and Java EE expert Adam Bien, who says:

* "There are three big fallacies. First, believing that J2EE is complex; second, believing that Java EE 5 is easy, and third, believing that distributed programming could be simpler."

* “The best advice I know is: ‘Don't distribute’.”

* “Large-scale IT projects are inherently inefficient. It’s a misconception to even talk about a large-scale project.”

* "Most of the Javadoc comments in projects are worthless. They
redundantly describe information that can be easily obtained from the method's signature."

See what you think as this QA has caused a bit of a buzz over on

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