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Google App Engine: Request Java Runtime

Posted by van_riper on April 9, 2008 at 10:26 PM PDT

I was at the Google Campfire One event on April 7th where Google App Engine was officially launched. The whole thing was recorded. So, you didn't miss anything except for the *cold*. Good thing there were camp fires and hot chocolate. Brrrr! Anyway, it sounds like a real sweet and free web application hosting environment. The problem is the only runtime supported initially is Python. However, you can show some Java love by starring this issue that asks Google to add Java support.

Important Note: Please do *not* add a "+1" comment to this issue like many others have already done. All that is necessary is to star the issue. Comments are intended to provide more information about an issue and everyone that stars an issue sees these comments. So, it ends up generating essentially spam email for everyone that has starred the issue.

For persistent storage, you will have access to the same BigTable data storage used by Google's internal applications. You can query your data using GQL. GQL is a SQL-like language for retrieving data entities from the App Engine scalable datastore. While GQL's features are different from those of a query language for a traditional relational database, the GQL syntax is similar to that of SQL.

My favorite part of the evening launch event was Guido van Rossum discussing why he joined the project. I particularly enjoyed his sense of humor starting around the 3:20 mark on this segment of the recording.

If you would like to be one of the first 10K beta testers, you had better sign up right now. If they are not all taken already, I expect those beta accounts to be gone soon.

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