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Nexus - my next Maven repository manager

Posted by johnsmart on April 10, 2008 at 2:46 PM PDT

The lads at Sonatype have just released a new Maven Repository Manager, called Nexus.
According to the Nexus web site, this is a rewrite of the deceased Proximity repository manager. I was never too fussed with Proximity, but Nexus is very cool.

There are other a few other Maven repository managers out there. Artifactory has a very slick AJAX-style user interface, but to do any serious configuration changes, you need to dive into those XML configuration files (CruiseControl, anyone?). Archiva is powerful, but a tad hard to configure.

Nexus comes bundled with Jetty, so you can run it directly from the command line, and be up and running very quickly.

And it has a very slick AJAXy interface, and pretty much everything can be configured online, from the repositories to network configuration details such as the enterprise proxy configuration. In particular, setting up a proxy to a public repository is as easy as I've seen on any Maven Repository Manager.

I am very impressed by Nexus. In fact, I liked it so much I'll be including it in the upcoming Java Power Tools bootcamps, and the next edition of Java Power Tools ;-).

For more details, Tim O'Brien has written an excellent introduction to Nexus here.


Geez, how many Maven 2 repository managers are we going to go through? To extend that question, how many times are the Sonatype (formally Mergere) developers going to rewrite their repository manager? I'm all for improvements, but we cannot keep dumping our infrastructure every 6 months.

and it looks very easy to run it as a service