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How many bad things can I read in a day?

Posted by malcolmdavis on April 15, 2008 at 11:48 AM PDT

1. Microsoft Claims Victory In Open XML Standardization Battle.

Is this a victory? Was the standards committee referrer in global competition?


Did Microsoft exert pressure, or were there payoffs? I don't know and don't care. However, I feel sorry for the developers that have to support Microsoft technology due to ISO misstep. Ecma & ISO have both fallen greatly in my eyes.

I appreciate companies establishing standards communities such as Sun's JSR. I dislike pushing standards to world communities. It is something akin to the fox watching the hen house.


2. How the iPhone is killing the 'Net'

Give me a break. Yes, iPhone and Xbox lock down their devices, and so does many of the US phone companies. This typical US corporate model includes items like license, verification, and marketing fees.

Move outside the US, and the phone model changes dramatically.

Companies like OrangePartners, have removed entry barriers for the developers and small startups. OrangePartners work with developers that want to get mobile devices to end-users. They provide services to verify ME device compliance, and no licensing or promotion fees normally associated with business startups. OrangePartner makes money on margins. The more successful the application, the more money for the developer and OrangePartner.

Hence, short sighted business models, not the iPhone type devices, that is hurting US innovation. (Note, US not world wide innovation)


3. Chrysler Stakes Turnaround on IT Outsourcing

Hack, cough, another company going through Outsourcing. Nothing new. Chrysler will take people off the books, move it's cost around, and in the long run, higher people back to do the job. I'm sure there numerous people in the 14-18 year range that are ready to retire, and Chrysler is going to outsource the jobs so they don't have to pay retirement benefits. (Was I thinking that or did I say that aloud?)

I'm a big fan of ASP business models, I'm not a big fan of the outsourcing model.