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JSR 277 and OSGi interoperability

Posted by mandychung on April 18, 2008 at 11:54 AM PDT

I recently take on a new challenge and join the JSR 277 project working on JSR 277 and OSGi interoperability. There are lots to learn and I am trying to come up to speed as quickly and effectively as I can. Thanks to all the interests and excitements around this topic! I appreciate in advance the participation and contribution from the JSR 277 and 291 Expert Groups and the OSGi experts.

Our goal is to ensure that existing OSGi bundles can be used in Java SE 7. Like everywhere else, resource has always been tight. But we are revamping the effort to move forward quickly.

Stay tuned and please be patient with this new member on board :)


Although I won't have time to work on Java SE serviceability, monitoring and management technologies in the near future, I'd still like to meet with you all at JavaOne 2008 to talk about these areas. I highly recommend to check out VisualVM (the next generation of Java SE troubleshooting GUI tool) at the Java SE booth. Very cool!

Hope we can show a demo on using VisualVM to monitor and manage Java modules some time soon!

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There is already "very cool" support for OSGi bundles.

Monitoring OSGi Applications